Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Art of Advocacy ~ ABC's

noun ad·vo·ca·cy \ˈad-və-kə-sē\

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 Definition of advocacy
the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal :  the act or process of advocating something
 Legal Definition of advocacy

1 :  the profession or work of an advocate

2 :  the action of advocating, pleading for, or supporting a cause or proposal 

The Art of Advocacy ABC's ³
Part I (A to L)


                     Anticipate the pros/cons of each side
                    Answer questions using facts plus anecdotal refs.
                    Alleviate fears, concerns, and provide alternatives


                   Benefits of recommended program listed in detail
                   Bring your best attitude to the negotiations
                   Believe in the message and purpose of your topic


                   Collaborate with other resources and supports
                   Collect information, signatures, and/or research
                   Create an environment where voices are heard


                  Develop a system to organize/manage information
                  Dialogue with an established project team
                  Delegate responsibilities according to skills/talents


                Encourage individuals to record their thoughts/actions
                Embrace diversity, cultural awareness, and gender 
                Educate within your community & beyond if needed


                Foster a peaceful, respectful, and communicative team
                Forgive past differences or transgressions;go forward   
                Figure out what the team/individuals expect

              Goals need to be written along with strategies
              Grants can be researched and written where applicable
              Guidance from others who have experience is advised


              Help from supporters can come in many forms
              Highlight successes and incremental progress
              Honor your commitments

               Inspire change through actions as well as words
               Improve methods of communication when questioned
               Insights from a variety of sources can enhance project


                Journal the process in some format (day planner,etc...)
                Join other groups with similar motivations/interests
                Jump start each meeting with an upbeat update


                Keep things balanced to avoid tangents and fatigue
                Know when to push and when to hold back a little
                Key factors need to be highlighted and represented

                Listen to both opponents and supporters
                Lambasting those who do not share same beliefs 
                   is  counterproductive.  Avoid this tactic.  
                Lead from a place of calm, level-headed thinking


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