Tuesday, February 21, 2017

World of Writer Mom's List of Ten

Ten simple things that bring me joy. 
(because right now I'm freakin' tired and need the reminder)

  1. Hugs from my children.  They are getting older and the cuddle time is becoming shorter, so I enjoy the moments we have.
  2. A glass of iced cold sweet tea.  I'm trying to eliminate sugar from my meals, so the rare moment of enjoying this lovely beverage is treasured.  
  3. Writing.  I love to write and find it cathartic.  Without this outlet, I become cranky and unpleasant.  
  4. Quiet moments when I can hear myself think, pray for patience, and create plans for how to get things accomplished.  (My brain does not organize very well when on sensory overload.)
  5. Thursday nights.  (Thank you Shonda Rhimes)  My guilty pleasure of watching 3 television shows back to back is like an infusion of missing electrolytes. Without this I begin to feel dehydrated and weak from lack of imagination.  I love the writing for these shows.
  6.  Organizing my paperwork.  Seems so simple, yet is incredibly satisfying when I can purge, file, and clean up my desk area.  My brain desperately needs these activities.
  7.  Cleaning house. This has to have a plan of attack.  I have done pretty well at delegating some tasks to the children, now that they are older and can handle more responsibilities.  Bringing the groceries in from the car is a big one.  They can also clean their own rooms, bathrooms, and load dishes into the dishwasher.  Here's the rub:  It's not going to be the exact way I would accomplish the tasks.  There is a huge learning curve, especially with how the dishwasher needs to be loaded.  A child's idea of "complete" is not going to mirror an adult's. So at some point an adult level run through of the house will be necessary.  On the days when I have accomplished this, I am happy.  Following such an effort, a nap will be necessary.  This will bring me much needed joy and peace.
  8.  Those moments when all three children have been tucked into bed and are all asleep at the same time...this is ultimate gift to a tired mom.  I can read a book and actually feel like I understand it with each page turning moment.
  9. I love it when each child wakes up on time, gets ready for school, and we are out the door without any arguments, drama, or incidents.
  10. Finishing a blog post.  This makes me incredibly happy.  It feels good to complete a project, share the results, and receive insights from other writers.  It's a joy to feel like somewhere, somehow, you might be making a difference to someone else who is experiencing a rough day.  

Thanks to all of you who took a few minutes to read this.  Know that you are appreciated!  Wishing all of you a wonderful week! 

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  1. I love posts like this because it reminds me - and others - that, no matter how crazy our day is, we can always find the good in each day. I am a huge fan of sweet tea too! I think moreso now that I live in the South!

  2. Love it. Always important to appreciate the little things, because they are in fact, the biggest. <3

  3. Great list. Hugs are special. I'm hanging in there waiting for them to be big enough to clean their own bathroom!




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