Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Time Skills Lesson ~ I'm Not Kidding About These!

Now that summer has begun, here's my quick list of Ten Skills to teach your children before school starts again.  This list is based on personal research I have conducted and eye witness accounts of real life, complex tasks often ignored by your children. (Sarcasm warning for those who are not familiar with my lists of ten.)

List of Ten Things to Teach your Child
(before the end of summer)

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World of Writer Mom

1. Filling the ice cube trays.  They do not magically refill themselves.  Also, the ice that scoots under a cabinet or stove does not disappear just because you don't see it.  If you know it dropped, look for it and any moisture left on the floor before I slip on it.

2.  Replace the toilet paper roll if there is not enough left to do the job for the next person who enters the bathroom.  Hint:  Two squares are not enough.  Bonus points if you do not leave the empty cardboard roll on the sink.

3. Practice your reaction times for spilled liquids.  The more pigment in the drink, the quicker you must procure absorbent materials. (An old towel, paper towels, or even an old t-shirt are fine with me.  Just clean it up!)  Staring at the spill, jumping up and down while yelling, "Oh my God, I spilled," and ignoring the incident until I discover the wet spot are unacceptable ways to manage this event.

4.  Clean up dishes, plates, and cups that are in your room.  If I run out of clean ones, I will have no choice but to dispense your meals and drinks directly into your hands.  And the clean up from that will be your worst nightmare.

5.  Hang up wet towels and clothes upon return from the pool.  You know darned well we have to take our clothes to the laundry mat. Do you really want to take a chance of science projects growing in your swim suits?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

6. Make sure you schedule your own times to read, draw, and express your creative selves.  Sit for too long and watch as the internet "accidentally" gets cut off.  Go ahead.  Try me!  

7.  Figure out how to cook eggs, make a sandwich, and get a bowl of cereal.  There are plenty of things you can whip up in the kitchen without my assistance.  Feel free to take advantage of this wonderful moment of independence.  Clean up afterward.

8. Organize, clean, and maintain your room.  You are old enough to know that the vacuum is not alive and won't eat your toes.  Please avoid sucking up the rocks, screws, and various sundry hardware that have navigated onto your carpet.  Don't blow shit up in there!

9.  The space beneath the couch cushions is not a bottom less pit for snack wrappers, socks, remote controls, etc...  When I lift those cushions I should not need a shovel to clean up.  If I can't run the vacuum over the underside of the cushions, we have a huge problem.   Get off your tushies and put that stuff into the trash can. It is literally only 10 tiny steps away.

10.  Mama's writing time is her therapy.  Do not monopolize the computer.  When I say it's time to transition to another activity, please comply.  You've seen me when I'm stressed.  It's not pretty. Learning to respect the needs of another human is a worthwhile endeavor.  As your mother, I am only too happy to offer this opportunity to you.  

Your Turn!
What's your list of ten things you'd like to teach your children this summer? Please share your ideas here! Real life stories and sarcasm are welcome.  In fact, I heartily encourage it.  Have a wonderful week!  You are loved and appreciated!

copyright mbvrodriguez 2017
World of Writer Mom


  1. hah! I love this. I'm so with you on things shoved in the couch cushions- and I don't even have kids!

  2. Oh man lol. Hopefully they'll do well at learning all these!

  3. HAHA! Love this list. I think I could pass a few of these onto my hubby too... probably wishful thinking ;)

  4. I love your list!! So important :) It's the little things

  5. I think these are great ideas!! Teach them young to be responsible and accountable for their tasks :)




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