Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Parenting on a Monday ~ and Beyond! #2 in a Monday Series

BONUS: Monday's "List of Five" Mom Moments 
at the end of this post! 

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Today I though it was a perfect opportunity to share a question that came up in one of the groups I joined regarding regarding sensory concerns. 

 "Does anyone have a child who grinds
their teeth at night? What can you do? "

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World of Writer Mom Responded:

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

I can tell when my daughter is stressed when she grinds her teeth at night. She's done this since she was a toddler and now is 15 years old. I encourage talking about feelings, discussing coping strategies, and offering other sensory experiences during the day. (According to age appropriate, understandable strategies.) A developmental pediatrician and dentist can be a great resource. If sensory issues are in play, then an Occupational Therapist who specializes in sensory integration can provide helpful alternatives that could help decrease the teeth grinding. Please let us know how things work out for you and what strategies end up being helpful. Best Wishes! There may be some items at this site to help with sensory concerns: 


 (Click on the link for "Biting" and check out the other calming strategies. Message me if you need info.)

Monday's "List of Five" Mom Moments

Just A Few Minutes of Peace

1. It is important for parents to take time for themselves.
It's not "selfish" but it is "self-filled."  

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 Create a Fun Meal and Memory with your children!

2. Parenting is can be so hard sometimes. It's easy to get lost in the fray of surviving day to day. Stop and take a few minutes to create a fun memory. It's when you and the kids are the most stressed that they (and you) need to do something silly and different. 

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 Lullaby and Good-Night, Parents

3.  Get some sleep. But not just any sleep. It's important to consider the quality of your evening slumber. A comfortable, supportive mattress, pillow, and bedding can make a world of difference.  For those evenings when the children climb into bed with you or for the rare moments when you can catch some solitary sleep, having a cozy nest to climb into is an incredible blessing!

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4. Discover what is near and dear to your heart. Find a way to promote your cause, start a fundraiser, or make a statement. We are parents who can make a difference in the world.  How will you chose to make your mark?

5.  Give yourself permission to let go of perfect parenting expectations. In an ideal world, we would all magically excel at breast feeding, never need special formulas for our children with sensitive stomachs, and blend our own home grown foods to create the best possible foods for our infants and toddlers.  If you are able to do these things even for a short time, that's wonderful! If you need some extra resources to round out your repertoire of stress management strategies, here's a couple of options:



Sensitive Tummy Solutions


They Grow Up Soooo Fast!

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled 
with challenges, adventures, &
plenty of resources to tackle your goals!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary



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