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Developing A Script for Respect

Communication Skills for Children
 Opportunities to Practice Dialogue
 (Critical components toward self-advocacy)

Sibling Support
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Parenting is a challenge times a bazillion.  Inspiring respectful behaviors and reminding children that what they say has an impact is a mind numbing, non-stop job filled with repetition.  Here are some of the phrases I find myself repeating not just once during the day, but often throughout our waking hours; these are the times when we are exposed to situations within our community where some members may think there's nothing wrong with crude language, racially inappropriate "jokes", and comments that are obviously racist or biased.

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Sample Phrases

1.  That word is not respectful and needs to be eliminated 
from your vocabulary.

2.  I know you may have heard that in a song/on the news/on line but here is the reason it's not O.K. to say that.  
(Insert explanation based on age/level of understanding)

3.  When you say that word, you are being disrespectful to me, your sister, and to other women.  
It's not funny or cool.

4.  I want you to think about the fact that one day 
you may have a child of your own.  
How would you feel if someone said that
 to your child/sister/brother/friend.

5.  Would you want someone to talk to you
 or about you using those terms?

6.  Please be respectful when I tell you, "NO".

7.  I expect you to act more respectfully and stop interrupting.

8.  I want you to have more respect for yourself than to copy what other people say or do, especially when you know 
we have talked about that (behavior/language) at home.

9.  Thank You for listening to me and helping me with the groceries.  I appreciate that respect.

10. I saw that you held the door open for that family.
  That was very respectful of you.

11. You cleaned your room without being asked.  
That shows me you have respect 
for your clothes and  games.

12. When you are kind to your (brother/sister/friend/parents) it shows me that you are growing into a
       mature young (woman/man).  
That's the kind of respect I like to see.

13.  Remembering to put things away and take care of what we have as a family is a great way to let
       me know you have respect for yourself and for all of us.

14.  I noticed that you comforted your (mom/dad/brother/sister/friend) when they were feeling sad .
 Did you see when the (mom/dad/sister/brother/friend)
 put an arm around the child and calmly took them 
for a walk to settle down?  
That was nice of them to understand that it can be
       difficult to wait in line.

15.  Please remember to thank your (teacher/doctor/coach/librarian) for listening to your concerns
       and taking time to explain things to you.

16. I'm not trying to be mean to you.  I want to help you grow up to be a respectable young (man/ woman).

17. Respect (A one word cue is often the only reminder needed, especially when you discuss it on a regular basis.)

18. When you continue to show the same behavior 
that I have already told you is unacceptable, 
that means you are being "disrespectful" 
and it needs to stop!

19. I hope that you feel good when I compliment you 
on behavior that shows respect
 It also makes me feel better when I can compliment you.
(I don't like it when I have to keep bugging you about it.)

20. I am proud of you for making an effort to be respectful 
by avoiding inappropriate labels and 
walking away from jokes 
that are racist or target individuals 
who are being bullied. That's not okay!


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I invite you to share your resources, experiences, and strategies here at World of Writer Mom.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend filled 
with challenges, adventures, &
plenty of resources to tackle your goals!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary




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