Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mommy is Smart ~ Surprise!

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Finding the right learning environment for each child is incredibly important to their success. As a parent, my son and I have received both positive and negative comments regarding our decision to home school for 5th grade this year. Yesterday as we were working on his math assignment, he turned to me and said, " _______ and _______ told me I need to go back to (regular) school soon." 

We discussed how that made both of us feel. I then told him about some of my experiences, which included living and working abroad, working for and paying for my own education abroad, managing my life living in a foreign country for several years by myself, and the many amazing jobs I have had the opportunity to experience before, during, and after becoming a mom.

 After sharing those details with him, I turned to him and said, "So I feel pretty confident about my ability to home school you. With all those things I told you about, don't you think mommy is smart enough to home school your little behind?" He laughed, smiled, and agreed that yes, mommy was indeed a good candidate to home school him at this time.

Wednesday Challenge: "I will not allow someone's comment to make me feel less than capable, worthy, or qualified for a job or challenge I have chosen to accept. What I choose to do for the benefit of my children and for my family takes precedence over my desire to be acknowledged."

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P.S. Not many people know this, but I actually visited Gozo, Malta (The location of this story.) I loved the island!

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