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When "PROGRESSIVE" is anything but...

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  Disclaimer: The experiences in this article are my own, and I do NOT recommend generalizing my experiences with those of anyone else.  Each person has to assess the best course of action for their individual circumstances.  I am not a legal professional nor do I imply that the recommendations are the only ones to consider.  In the future, I will be much more proactive in enlisting the assistance of someone qualified to provide the insights necessary and obtain the best possible outcomes for recovery.  I encourage my readers to be advocates for themselves and for their loved ones.  

Dear PROGRESSIVE Insurance,

These are the faces of the lives that are impacted when one of the people you insure rear ends a vehicle.  Following too closely has consequences and repercussions beyond the "personal experiences" of your claims adjusters.  The injuries that result cannot be generalized nor should your adjusters be the ones interpreting medical results and  recommendations. 

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The person who rear ended our vehicle was found at fault in the "incident." 
 I cannot call it an accident given the circumstances. 
 My daughter was in the passenger seat at the time. 
 My recommendation to anyone in an accident 
where you were hit by someone insured by Progressive is...

1. Call the police and make a report.  
Get a copy of that report. (I did this.)

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2. If you are safe to take pictures, take them. If not, ask the police officer to help.  Reason:  I was not able to get out of my vehicle.  The person who rear ended me opened the hood of his car and obstructed my view.  He then called a troop of people to the scene and we didn't know who they were or why so many were there.  One car pulled up in front of my vehicle and boxed me in between the car who hit me.  Several people got out and were milling around.  They kept looking back at me and talking with each other.  It felt weird and threatening.  Then another car showed up and several people got out of that car.  All of them had official looking arm band identifications on and I couldn't tell if they were from Progressive or another company.   
Why would so many family members show up?
 I should have taken pictures of that!

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3. Go to an emergency room and have x-rays taken. Go to your primary care doctor for follow up.  You may think you feel okay right after an accident, but the real pain often occurs the next day or two after.  Ask for documentation of all visits and keep receipts for ALL expenses, including pain relievers, wraps, bio-freeze, or anything else that is needed following the accident.  


4. Progressive did NOT pay for the treatment that was recommended by my chiropractor.  I got x-rays done that clearly showed damage and a 3 month initial treatment protocol was designed to help alleviate the pain.  Further treatment beyond that was indicated.  I submitted all the plans, x-rays, and treatment protocol to the medical claims adjuster assigned to my case.  None of my documentation was seriously considered.  


 5. The claims adjuster commented that my injuries were not valid given the "minor" accident that had occurred. She was not medically qualified to make that statement, and admitted to not being a medical professional.  I was told, "I have been doing this for a long time and know what is typical for this type of accident." 



My medical insurance does not cover the type of treatment that was recommended, so I would have needed to come up with $5,000 up front to pay the medical provider.  Progressive claimed that it would not pay for my treatment "in advance" nor would it pay for future treatments even though there was a medical recommendation.  They essentially discriminate against those whose treatment plans are not covered by insurance.  My anxiety was through the roof and I ended up feeling coerced into settling for a small fraction of the amount I needed.

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6. I ended up with a total of 4 different claims adjusters for the medical portion of my claim.  My daughter's adjuster threatened that if I didn't accept the amount initially offered I would not be given that chance again once I walked out the door. Of course I didn't want to jeopardize my daughter's situation, so I settled.  After that encounter I was assigned another adjuster.

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7.  If anyone from Progressive asks you, "How are you today?" do not simply say, "I'm fine."  It's a typical automatic response many people say when under stress.  Don't feel compelled to act likes everything is okay when you are in fact having anxiety and pain following the incident.

8. Quite simply, it's best to immediately seek advice from a lawyer who is skilled in representing auto incident survivors.  The only reason I settled was to reduce my anxiety and eliminate a lengthy legal battle.  Other extenuating circumstances also created a sense there were a lack of options.  It is never a good idea to settle when you feel coerced.

 You deserve a complete recovery following an "accident."
You deserve a complete recovery following an "accident." 

Final Thoughts

I will never purchase nor recommend Progressive Insurance.

I don't know how anyone can work for this company when they know people are being denied fair compensation for claims.

If I ever get into another situation when someone is not paying attention and rear ends my vehicle, especially if the person is insured by Progressive, I will immediately seek legal representation.  THIS is why we have attorneys.  

Take care of yourselves and your family members!  Don't settle when you know the damages are clearly beyond what the insurance company is willing to acknowledge!

Have you had a bad experience with an insurance provider? 
I'd like to hear from you! 

If you are a well loved insurance company with an excellent reputation for settling claims, 
I would be happy to connect with you and collaborate on a promotional article.  DM me at:
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  1. I honestly have always had great insurance experiences. Im so sorry yours wasnt good :(

  2. Wow, this is crazy - I am so surprised they didn't pay for your necessary treatments! I haven't really needed to use insurance much in the past (only when someone else hit me and it was their insurance paying for everything), so I don't really have any experiences to compare this to.




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