HEALTH & FITNESS DEALS ~ February 2018

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Health and Fitness

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<a href="">Yoga Mats</a>


 Tao Yoga Mat 3/16" (5mm) Tao Yoga Mat 3/16" (5mm) Tree of Life Yoga Mat 3/16" (5mm) Tree of Life Yoga Mat 3/16" (5mm)

Mandala Yoga Mat 3/16" (5mm)

Leg Resistance Band
 Loop Resistance Bands SetTherapy Flat Resistance Bands Set

Stackable Resistance Bands SetTube Resistance Bands Set with Attached Handles


Speed Jump Rope PinkSpeed Jump Rope BlueSpeed Jump Rope Black

 Plyometric Jump Box 24x16x20

 Rubber Medicine Ball 8 lbRubber Medicine Ball 10 lbRubber Medicine Ball 4 lb

 Speed Agility Ladder 20 rungs

High Density Speckled Foam Roller 24 x 6 Orange Medicine Roller 13"x6" Purple 

2-in-1 HEXA Massage Roller 24"x5"/ 12"x 5" Pink

 Flex Half-Round Foam Roller 12 x 3Sports Medicine Roller 13"x6" OrangeMiNi Spike Massage Roller 6"x 3" Blue

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set PurpleAcupressure Mat and Pillow Set Blue

 Arched Back Stretcher PinkArched Back Stretcher BlueArched Back Stretcher Grey
 Arched Back Stretcher Orange 

Sports Kinesiology Tape PinkSports Kinesiology Tape BlackSports Kinesiology Tape Aqua

Lacrosse Massage Ball BlueLacrosse Massage Ball Orange

Doorway Pull-Up Bar 

Exercise Balance Pad BlackAb Wheel BlueExercise Balance Pad Purple

Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells 20 lbVinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells 15 lbVinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells 10 lb

Neoprene Dumbbells 3 lb

Olympic Barbell Clamp Collars Red
Olympic Spring Clip Collars

Knee Sleeves Purple-Large

Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat 6x4x2 Black 

Hand Grip and Wrist Strengthener 150 lb

Anti-Shock Trekking Poles Red

Omnia Sports Towel Grey-RedOmnia Sports Towel Blue-Aqua

 Weighted VestAnkle Weights 1 lb

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<a href="">ProSource</a>

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