Monday, January 22, 2018

Parenting on a Monday ~ and Beyond!

BONUS: Monday's "List of Ten" Mom Moments at the end of this post! Today I thought it would be fun to share some helpful parenting products. Some of these products I knew about when I began having babies, and others are relatively new. So here are a few things that might make parenting a little less stressful. (How awesome to shop from home and have your products delivered!)

Nutritional Products
Supports Healthy Brain Development

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GERBER is a brand that is rich in family traditions. I remember Gerber in our home when I was growing up. As the oldest of six children, I became very familiar with the cereals, juices, formula, stages of jar food, and teething biscuits.  Even when we got older, I remember trying some of the foods when it came time to introduce them to a new sibling.  

One of my favorite flavors as a child (I would have eaten the entire jar of my brother's food) was called "Blueberry Buckle."  Now, Gerber has even more amazing flavors to select. Your infant, toddler, and preschooler will love the variety.  From new foods to nutritious snacks, you'll feel great about beginning your own GERBER traditions.

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These moments go by so quickly. I'd love hear about your
 GERBER moments here! You may see your child
featured in one of my future blog posts when you share here!

 You deserve to be a Spoiled Mama!

I wish I had known more about how to treat stretch marks when I was pregnant with my first child. (She's a teen now.)  This toxin-free and organic skin care Tummy Butter is silky smooth and nourishes your skin!  Prevent pregnancy stretch marks and treat yourself to this beautifully luxurious (yet affordable) moisturizer. 

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Excellent for use before, during, and after pregnancy! 
This would make a fabulous gift for
an expectant mother or a new mom.
 It's never too early to take care of your amazing skin!

Add captio<a target="_blank" href=";u=1690540&amp;m=72067&amp;urllink=&amp;afftrack="><img src="" border="0" alt="Organic pregnancy skincare" /></a>n


Monday's "List of Ten" Mom Moments

1.  I am learning to be content with the small successes and not
     get overwhelmed by all the things I still have to do.

2. Understanding that life is a process and nobody begins or ends 
    their time on earth with the stamp of perfection can be a relief.

3.  Having the self awareness to realize #2 can be the best gift you
     ever give to yourself!

4.  Remind yourself that each person has a different start point in
     terms of their spirituality. It is unfair and pointless to pass your
     judgment upon others in the name of religious righteousness

5.  I often remind my own children, "If it's not helpful, then don't 
     do/say it!"  I continuously remind myself to consider that same
     advice...especially when commenting on someone's site or other
     social media. There's a way to make your point without hurting

6.  Be vigilant and aware of how stereotypes, labeling, and name-
     calling reduce the efficacy of your points.  There is a way you 
     can present a concern, dispute a claim, and state your case with
     dignity and respect for others and for yourself.

7.  One of the most effective methods to bring about the change you
     desire in the world is to live and lead by example.  Mocking 
     differences, what you do not understand, or things where you 
     have not done due diligence with your research will rarely, if
     ever, encourage people to change their views.

8.  Inspiring people by what you do, what you say, and how you
     present yourself has the power to motivate them.  You can't
     motivate other people, you can only motivate yourself! But you
     can be the source of inspiration that could push someone toward
     making the changes necessary to move forward and improve.
     (Apologies to Mikki Williams, a fabulous inspirational speaker!)

9.  Sometimes it takes a long, long, long time to reach your goals. 
     Be ready to sink into the mud and wade through it. It's not 
     always easy to take that difficult path, but it's going to be worth
     the adventure!  

10. List making is a great way to organize your thoughts and make
      sure your goals are prioritized. I have always loved making lists
      as one of my coping strategies.  Being a mom means those lists
      have become even more important!  And remember to put your
      own needs on that "to do" list! It's okay to take care of yourself!

Another one of my Independents
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Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled 
with challenges, adventures, &
plenty of resources to tackle your goals!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary



  1. I try to live by what I call the ACE model - Always Celebrate Every... Success, moment etc It helps me keep my eyes on what is really important and grateful for every blessing

  2. Hi Erica! Thank you for sharing the ACE model. Love this concept! I appreciate your comment and thank you for reading this post. Kindest Wishes for your success, ~Mary


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