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The Gift of Reading as A Family Tradition

 Dear Dad, Thanks for teaching us
to love reading!

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My father died recently after a sudden and shocking diagnosis.  One of the things I always loved as a child was our story time.  I am dedicating this post to him, and encourage all readers to begin your own family reading tradition. It's never too early or too late to give the gift of reading!

Reading can begin during pregnancy!  There are proven  benefits of starting to read to baby before birth!  The best part of this new routine is that you can give yourself a moment each day to put up your feet, relax, and begin your trip back in time as you remember your favorite books from childhood. 

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During my pregnancy I also enjoyed collecting and reading books that I learned to enjoy as an adult teacher. I was blessed to have some amazing mentors as a young teacher of infants and toddlers.  It was their love for literature that helped me expand my repertoire of books and techniques for reading. 

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1. Beautiful Illustrations: You will be more likely to enjoy reading these if the art work is appealing. This is important because you will be looking at these pictures at least a bazillion times once baby is here.  Babies love to review information and have a high tolerance for repetition. Most adults do not.  Pregnancy is a perfect time to hone this skill!

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2. Simple Text:  Complex dialog is not necessary for newborns and very young infants.  Labeling items and actions is perfect for introducing language concepts. One object or idea per page is great!  A concept such as "Hug baby" or "See puppy" works well. 

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3. Just Pictures:  Some books leave the dialog to your imagination.  The pictures usually tell the story...but there is always plenty of room to add your own interpretations.  When baby gets older, he or she can participate in telling the story just by looking at the illustrations.  "Just pictures" offers variety and opens the door for many creative adventures.  Perfect for the story telling side of your personality.

4. Props Included: Look for at least 1 or 2 books that add a special "prop" such as a puppet or another visual/tactile object attached to the book.  A prop adds another dimension to your story telling time and can be fun for parent and child.  
5. Songs and Rhymes: Poetry and Music are wonderful story time favorites that can ease the parental pain of repetition.  Babies will love being held close as you sing a story or clap to rhyming words.  Rhymes and music are perfect components to enhance brain development.  Added Bonus:  It's super hard to be grouchy from sleep deprivation when you are singing an upbeat song.

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My daughter, Bella, is featured here reading
 to our sweet family friend at our local library.
Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend filled 
with challenges, adventures, &
plenty of resources to tackle your goals!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary


  1. So sorry about the passing of your father. My own dad was a huge part of my learning to read (which didn't really happen until I was a third grader!) Once everything clicked into place for me I started reading all the time, and that hasn't stopped to this day. My little three year old has developed a great love for reading as well and always has a stack of books ready for me at bed time.

    1. Thanks so much for your kindness, Bethany! I love that your little one already anticipates bed time reading! Your child will always treasure the moments you share together with each story you read. Kindest Wishes, ~Mary

  2. I absolutely love to read! I can't get enough. I honestly wish I had more time to read.

    1. Me too! I wish I had the ability to get through a book in a day like when I was younger. Now I am happy to read a book 3x/year. Reading definitely is something I find myself missing, and am working on ways to do more. Thanks for taking time to write your comment.

  3. Great tips. I've always loved reading, so I think it's wonderful when kids like to read or families make it part of their everyday lives. I like how so many classic books are coming out with stuffed animals and the like to go with them.


    1. Hi Lauren! I always loved reading to my Infant/Toddler classrooms when I was a teacher even before I had children. Adding props to our book basket was a fun way to include them more in story time. Each child could have something to hold while I read. I added sign language and music too! Thanks for taking time to comment!


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