Monday, May 28, 2018

Ten Ways to Survive Summer with Kids

Make time for rest and relaxation!

 This seems like an obvious survival skill.  But with the kids out of school and schedules a little more flexible, it's easy to get off track.  The truth is, everyone is probably going to need some decompression time.  Let the kids get their sleep in during that first week off for summer break.  They're exhausted and need some down time too. But after they've caught up and had a few good "sleep in" mornings, it's time to establish a schedule for the day. If you've been thinking about changing out the mattresses, now is a good time to start fresh! The kids can help reorganize their sleep space and clean out their rooms.  Find out how DREAMCLOUD can help the entire family have a good night's sleep this summer!
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Make time for co-parenting!  

OurFamilyWizard co-parenting app and tools to end conflict

Trying to figure out holidays and summer breaks can be exhausting and emotionally draining for everyone; kids are especially aware of how stressed their parents can get while working out co-parenting schedules.  Our Family Wizard can help keep visitation schedules and financial matters more organized for your family.  Make time for co-parenting and commit to peaceful parenting so everyone can enjoy the summer!  Check with your family attorney or other court representative. 
Our Family Wizard could work for you.


 Make time to teach financial responsibility!

   FamZoo Prepaid Cards for Families
Save your sanity and show children exactly how much money is available based on your budget this summer. FamZoo helps you teach children about spending habits, how to save, and what it means to donate a portion of your income toward charitable causes.  This encourages accountability for what can be spent on necessities, entertainment, and if there is something "extra" they need to save for in order to purchase it. Be prepared to stick to your agreement and not acquiesce if they choose to spend; even if they end up without money for something they want. Teach them now while you can still influence and inspire their choices. This is going to be hard at times, but resist the urge to rescue them when the money runs out for their "budget."  

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Make time to create nutritious (& fun) meals! 

Summer time presents a fun opportunity to create light, delicious, and healthy meals with your children. Let them help select the ingredients! Pick your fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins! Show kids how to prepare each ingredient and put them together to create amazing, tasty snacks and lunches that you can eat at home or pack for on the go summer time adventures! Remember when you were a child?Eye appeal is everything! Making food look awesome is part of the challenge. I love the idea of FunBites! This reminds me of the times my mom cut our food into cute shapes. FunBites makes this process even quicker and easier!  PLUS when children are involved in the process of preparing meals, they are more likely to enjoy eating what they have created! I have worked with children for many years and have three of my own plus a few "bonus" kiddos who are near and dear to my heart. I can encourage you that FunBites will create enjoyable meal times and help sneak those healthy foods onto everyone's plate this summer!


Make time to Play on the Floor!

Stylish Foam Play Mat

One of the best ways to connect with your children is to stop what you're doing and spend some time on the floor playing with them. Perhaps this daily playtime can become a part of your routine this summer.  Even if it's just for a few minutes at a time, this can reduce some of your stress and create some fun memories for you and your children. Having a comfortable and easy to clean play space is important.  A designated "floor time" spot provides a visual and tactile cue and helps establish a boundary where specific activities can occur, such as block building, story time, or exercise to music moments.  One idea for creating that floor time fun:

Stylish Non-toxic Foam Play Mat

Story time is the perfect way to inspire creative thinking,
 expand vocabulary, and practice communication skills. Story time enhances receptive and expressive language as you read, ask questions related to the story, and imagine other scenarios for the characters.
If you need ideas for where to find amazing adventures:

1.  The library has incredible selections and often offer story times and summer activities for all ages. 
Check out your local branch.

2. Have books delivered to your home or office.

Exciting for kids, easy for parents!

If you are looking into ideas for children who have sensory integration challenges, here is one idea that might be helpful.  The selection of sensory toys makes it easier to create "sensory boxes" for times when you need to help your child regulate emotions and behaviors that feel overwhelming.  Adults can even benefit from these carefully selected items.  If your child does not wish to engage in play with you, sitting beside them and allowing them to watch you interact with an item from these collections can offer inspiration for play and demonstrate how to become calm. These products are designed to provide children with autism a selection of activities that they may find enjoyable and therapeutic.

 Another resources for parents of children with unique developmental interests can be found here:


Make time to Be Active!

Getting the entire family involved in Summer Time 2018 activities can be a challenge. There are many ways to encourage and inspire movement throughout the season!  ProSource has plenty of gear designed to keep everyone going in a healthy direction. For days when the weather does not cooperate, you can plan on some indoor fun using exercise/yoga balls, kettle bells, muscle therapy rollers, and yoga mats.  Set up an area where you can pull out the gear and turn up the music with your children.  Show them your awesome mom yoga moves and share some safe and fun movement activities.  You can also plan an early morning or sunset evening yoga activity outdoors.  Take equipment outside and encourage the kids to set up their own obstacle course.  Design "activity stations" where they can practice skills. Turn on some music.  When the music changes, have them change stations too.  My children especially enjoy going to the park.  They are older now, but that doesn't stop them from going down the slides, climbing the equipment, or swinging across the zip line.  Start exploring movement activities when they are little and they'll continue to enjoy these activities!

 My Crew


Make time to swim and play in the sun! 

 Swimwear Collection  Up to 68% Off

 Whether you swim in the pool or head for the beach, water activities are a summer time favorite! 
 Rotita has an incredible selection of swim wear fashions
Moms will love how they feel in Rotita!

 My children love going into the water and can last longer than on dry land.  Water workouts are easier on the joints, provide the perfect amount of resistance to increase muscle strength, and enhance endurance. BONUS: The kids will get tired and sleep better at night. You will too! 

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Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom


"Water workouts for Families" will highlight the ways you can get into shape or maintain fitness during the summer.

Please come back to visit this week for workout ideas! 

Check out Rotita's swim wear options to get ready! 
There's something for every BODY!

Swimwear Collection  Up to 68% Off


Make time to create & design
Plus...Make A Difference! 


Did you know pura vida offers opportunities for you to design your own bracelets using colors you select? Create a unique design for your summer camp, athletic club, or school summer fundraiser.  For only $3 per bracelet, you can purchase these in large quantities and have an amazing way for kids to make some money for next school year's activities!  Need help adding a promotional card for your fundraiser?  Contact me at via face book page and I'll see if we can collaborate. I'd love to help! 

 Reminder Band is another fun way to create a fundraiser than can carry you through the next school year! Order plenty to sell during sporting events, band & choir competitions, theater groups, and special occasions. 
Create unique inspirations for school spirit!

Pop Sockets provides opportunities for you to add your own business logos, school mascots, and personalized designs to promote programs and merchandise.  

Get the entire family involved.

 Create something amazing! 
Remember how much fun we had collecting stickers and decorating our personal items?  Our kids still love designing their own creations. This is the modern way to inspire them!  Enjoy some summer time fun; jazz up those cell phones, shoes, & travel bags! Make this Summer of 2018 your own!


Make time to embrace peaceful organization.

I have to admit, it makes my brain very happy when I can label and organize items for home, car, plus adventures near and far.  As a former child care teacher, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have clothing, bottles, sippy cups, and backpacks labeled each day.  If you can have ready to stick labels, it makes life a whole lot easier for everyone when you're tired and in a hurry each morning. I also have children of my own, and labeling is a way of life I can endorse and greatly appreciate. 
(As long as we're labeling items that need to be located and not labeling people. But that's another topic.😉)
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  Adults can benefit from organizational labeling too. From kitchen to office projects to home maintenance, labels help you clearly identify what you need and minimize search times. I have been known to color coordinate and add labels to files, kitchen items, books, journals, and of course, my extensive library of writing materials and research. Labels can make visual identification a breeze. Mabel's Label's is a favorite because I know many parents who used this product for child care purposes. I love it!

With Mabel's Label's you can benefit from a summer organization project.  Have the kids help you get ready before school begins again! An organized environment helps minimize sensory overload and allows everyone's brain to feel better.  Plan a way to wrap up your summer organization project (and make sure to set a time for completion) by celebrating your success.  
My Cast of Characters
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Need more ideas for how to create an organization project?
Contact me at:


 Make time to be SILLY!

 Unicorn Yard Sprinkler
Adulting can be physically and emotionally exhausting. The responsibilities of taking care of financial matters, raising our children, and pursuing our careers take their toll.  
Summer time is the perfect opportunity to remember when we had fun and life seemed simpler.  Connecting with our families provides a menu of silly moments if we are open to them.  Give yourself permission to indulge in a few silly moments and enjoy breaking free of those perceived expectations.  

Unique Pool Toys 

Play in water. Squish some play dough. Use washable paints on the sidewalk.  Create a chalk mural in the driveway.  Go to the park to slide, swing, and dig in the dirt.  Make sand castles on the beach and jump over waves.  Blow bubbles on a windy day. Fly a kite. Watch an outdoor movie.


 Free Shipping

Summer is just beginning. There are so many things to do, adventures to experience, and memories to create.

 What are your inspirations for Summer of 2018?
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Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled with

plenty of resources to tackle your goals!

Welcome to Summer 2018!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary

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  1. Lovely ideas! I know my nieces and nephew love being in the water, so I'm sure we'll be playing in the pool a lot this summer. :)


    1. Thanks, Lauren! Sound like you're an amazing auntie! My children love their Tia(Auntie)Joy. She is incredible with them and I am so glad they have her. Hope you enjoy fun times with your nieces and nephew this summer!

  2. Great ideas! On a smaller scale, we drop everything and play a board game and we play 20 questions or other paper/pencil games when out to eat or tracking.

    1. Hi Kristen! Board games are awesome! I love your idea of 20 questions while you are out and about. I try to have paper and pencil in my bag too. It's saved my sanity on many occasions. My favorite activities are usually the ones we come up with on a moments notice. Caring for children is definitely a way to inspire creativity. Thanks so much for commenting here!

  3. Im sure this is super helpful for those with school aged kids! Mine is 1 so summer is no different!

    1. Hello Neely! I'll write a post for the younger kiddos next. I worked with Infants and Toddlers for several years in child care centers, and it can be challenging to find summer activities for the littles. I'd love to brain storm some ideas with you if you are interested. Sometimes, taking some of the indoor activities outside where baby is in the shade can be fun. I have a photo somewhere of my daughter at age 3 and my son as an infant outside on a blanket. We were on a grassy hill near our apartment and could see the cars driving by below. The stroller got us from the apartment to the hill and I brought bubbles for play and snacks/drinks just in case they got fussy. My daughter still remembers that. Thanks for visiting and reading my post. Hope summer will be fun for you and baby.


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