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  Ah summer time.  It begins with a vibration of renewed energy and excitement.  
As a parent, I magically believe this opportunity to relax and reconnect will transform our family. 

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Two to seven days after the last day of school, those goals begin to melt like an ice cream cone that's fallen onto a hot sidewalk.  There will be moments when your children will lament their boredom and lapse into their litany of "Mommy, I don't know what to do."  You will immediately fart a thought bubble, "I wish I knew what that word (boredom) meant, even if it's for a nano second of my life."
Boredom is something I can only hope to feel again one day.  Until then, I am trapped in the never ending worm hole of parenting where kids have ten weeks of summer break during which they endeavor to come up with fascinating ways to torment each other and surprise you with pop tests in parental patience.

Summer Survival Skills for Parents


Invest in some ear plugs.  Seriously, it's hard to tell if those screams are from happiness or pain.  My kids are LOUD!  I blame their father.  He's loud too.  My nerves are just not built for that level of auditory trauma.  If you can get some wireless earbuds that will allow you to listen to soothing music or tunes that will calm your nerves, that's even better. 

 Recommendations: AXUM Gear - Click one of the pics.


Simplify your clean up routine!  Summertime is perfect for kids as they drag in dirt, sand, and sweaty stink!  Little ones can help with wash day and keep their beds neat too.  I wish this had been available when my kiddos were younger.
Washabelle looks like a great solution for summer time!  And if you're looking at summer as a great moment to start potty training, washable mattress is awesome! 
Update: This product no longer available on this site. If you are interested in Washabelle, please message me on my facebook page so I may notify the company directly.


Replace old, worn out pillows. A refreshing night's sleep needs a luxurious pillow to rest your weary head after a day of wrestling the young ones.  I'm definitely replacing ours.  You just know when it's time! Those store brand $3.00 pillows only last so long. 

  Luxury Pillows 


Go to the pool. OFTEN!  There's something magical about water play on a hot summer day!  When the kids are acting up and you need to get out of the house, pack a bag and head for the pool or the beach.  Get that cute swim suit even if (in your head) you have a hard time seeing the beauty in your amazing mom bod. Trust me....You'll feel amazing in swim wear.  The kids will get good and tired and give you some much needed quiet time at home after they've been fed and cuddled up on the couch with you.  
Swimwear Collection  Up to 68% Off

Remember the comfy clothes and beach cover ups!

 New For 2018  Women’s Tops

Grow and Make - Crafting Kits for Every Occasion

 Keep them busy! The best way to preserve your sanity is to have some back up activities for days when there's just not enough patience in aisle 3. (If only we could buy that by the case!) Yes, there will be times when you need to let them challenge their creativity and allow them to holler , "Mom, I'm bored!" That's how blanket forts, cardboard box castles, and oceans in a bottle creations were born.
 But THIS idea is for the moment when you are just exhausted, need some tools to fix the chaos, and want to pull a box out of the magic closet in your room.  I used the same idea when I worked in child development.  Some days children needed that "Ah ha...Oooo...Ahhh"  moment when I pulled that mystery box out and just sat on the floor, waiting for curious little ones to gather around.  It. Was. MAGIC!  You can put anything into that box that will create enough of a distraction that the whining, yelling, crying, or instigating chaos will dissipate.  Here are a few things I kept my "distraction" boxes:

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Bubbles and Bubble Wands

Playdoh (Large and Small containers)
Shape cut outs
Containers are perfect for stacking 

Puppets and Books for Creative Story Time

Wheel Toys (cars, trucks, wind up toys)

Musical Instruments (Egg shakers, maracas, tambourines)

Finger paints and paper with different textures

Large roll of mailer type paper, large paint brushes, washable paint 
(Run the paper along a fence outside and make a gigantic mural.)
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You can also find ideas at:

Grow and Make

iDecoz - Decorate your life!
 iDecoz Sticker Patches
 Fun & Unique Gifts
 Baby GiftsCupcakes

 Banner with the Bookroo logo and a picture book box with To the Sea and Blue Chicken picture books.
 Amazing books kids love! 
  New favorites delivered monthly!


 Stylish Foam Play Mat

If you need other ideas for your children, let me know. I have a library of options thanks to many years working in child
development environments and having three of my own (plus a few bonus) kiddos.  Just message me on face book and I'd be happy to connect with you!  Parenting can be quite the challenge.  It helps to have a team!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled with fun

adventures, plenty of resources to tackle your goals,
 and the energy necessary to parent through summer!

Welcome to Summer 2018!

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Kindest Regards,
~ Mary

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  1. We just got a bunch of new pillows! So nice!

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to replenish our supply this summer. It's been a rough winter with lots of washings due to colds and an assortment of others maladies. Plus I have to sleep with at least two (or more) pillows with the inexpensive ones. Thanks so much for stopping by to share and comment.

  2. great ideas! Having a safe outside play area is also good - make them go out and create their own adventures! Supply 'make believe' props and set time limits on when they can bother you again. If they bother you before the time is up - they get a chore to do! I also found that if I planned something late in the day or in a couple of days for them to look forward to, I could use it for better behavior - e.g. if they bother me again, they get 10 minutes less time at the arcade (or whatever) Once they lose time, they can earn it back by doing a chore or helping with their siblings or reading for 10 minutes or whatever you can dream up.

    1. Hi Kristi! I love your outdoor ideas for the bigger kids! Setting limits and expectations is an excellent life skill. I remember playing outside all day as a kid and recreating a camping scene in our backyard. (We used pillows, blankets, clothes pins to attach blankets to the chain link fence, and a laundry basket with extra props.) Sounds like you're an awesome, creative mom! Hoping your summer goes well and that you stop by to share your adventures! I'm always up for some cool ideas for my troops here. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. You are appreciated!

  3. I have two nieces and a nephew and yeah, you really have to keep them busy. haha We like to spend time in the pool though. And oh goodness, I think I need those earbuds. I'd love to just walk around and listen to music. :)


    1. Hey Lauren! The little characters do need a bit of direction once in a while. Be that fun auntie! They'll always remember the silly, fun stuff you do together. I like to take the inflatable toys and pool noodles for water play. They can get pretty creative sometimes. I wish I lived closer to my nieces and nephews. They're all pretty amazing and I love their personalities. A regular family of comedians! And the earbuds are awesome! Hoping you enjoy your summer. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! With Appreciation, ~Mary

  4. Those earplugs are awesome! Soon, I'll be needing to develop these skills. :-)


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