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Another View from the LIGHT HOUSE

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Today I read another interesting post from The Activist Mommy. My goal this year is to continue to respectfully call out readers (and writers) regarding their generalizations, assumptions, stereotypes, labels, and visual challenges. There are times I think I might unfollow  The Activist Mommy due to the tremendous outpouring of vitriol from some of her followers. Instead, I decided to write.

I encourage you to visit and read (and heck...follow if you want) The Activist Mommy.  Awareness of differing viewpoints and perspectives is critical. Provide yourselves with the insights necessary to decide how you want to make a difference and effect positive change in our world and in our own communities.  

World of Writer Mom's View

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When you light your page on fire using your talents as a writer and activist, watch your forest burn, and choose to let readers add fuel to that raging fire, it is also important to provide ways to remedy the burn scar. If there are no resources provided for rehabilitation after a fire, nothing can grow, live, and thrive under those adverse conditions.  You might have the guide book, but without accurate translations, insights, and resources from accompanying experts in the field, assembling a cohesive team that is truly reflective of that guide book is risky.  There may be a high chance of inaccuracies and misplaced understanding of complex concepts.


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After reading some comments against Oprah Winfrey regarding her speech at the Golden Globes award ceremony on Sunday evening 01/02/2017, I found another perspective of Oprah Winfrey regarding human need for validation from another writer at  Perspective and research.  They have valid placement in our collective efforts.   

Here is the entire speech Oprah presented last night

Here is another article I found after researching a related topic. I like this article because it provides specific strategies on creating goals according to the topic presented. These are the type of insights that can become valuable to readers. 

Please share this and consider following my journey this year.

I will continue to read opinions that differ from mine, because I believe it is important to understand where things stand from a variety of perspectives. It is only in understanding our current situation that we can begin to move forward and consider how to set goals to create awareness...on all levels. This is not a situation of one side is the only right side. (Though I hear you that some individuals believe there is one and only right side.) Please consider there are infinite variables to be taken into consideration.

It's human nature to pick sides. It's human nature to want our opinions validated. It's human nature to become protective of our personal causes and those who are in harm's way. It's human nature to want to demonstrate our righteousness and defend our belief systems. There are 7,593,701,707 people in the world at the moment I looked up this number. It is ever changing. Look at this site and think about how incredibly complex it must be to even think that these changes can keep up with all the opinions, beliefs, life experiences, points of view, daily challenges, political situations, etc....that occur.

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To expect that everyone is going to be on the same page at the same time for the same amount of time is futile.

Change is a process; it's not a snap your fingers, click your heels together three times, do a little dance, make a little love statement, and sing we are the world as sprinkles of fairy dust descend upon everything. Change is so much more complex and dynamic. You can choose to draw your line in the sand and stay on your end of the beach, or you can be part of a plan to understand the waves of the ocean, the erosion process in that line of sand, and the solutions that need to occur when challenges wash up on shore.

How do you want to make a difference from your starting point? 
My response to The Activist Mommy's post:
So what is your plan to create the kind of world you envision? I am interested in hearing your goals, strategies, and measurable outcomes. It's fine to have an opinion about someone's view points and methods. It's great to encourage change and promote healthier attitudes, perspectives, and wellness. It is also important to define your plan so there is a clear understanding of direction. If you're not prepared to offer an alternative, then perhaps it's time to figure out the piece to this puzzle. It's easy for readers here to offer judgments, labels, assumptions, and generalizations. The hard part is figuring out your personal role, specific activities for participation, and a commitment to follow through on these plans of action. I'm waiting and listening to the responses here. This is the information I'm interested in from The Activist Mommy in 2018.

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Planning to engage in commentary with The Activist Mommy?
Here are a few resources for your consideration.


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Wishing all of you a week of adventures,
solutions to your challenges, and
 answers to your prayers.

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