Sunday, June 3, 2018

Aware, Aware Has My Little Blog Gone?

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Written by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

I'm just gonna put this out there to you. As an advocate, I believe it's important to not only draw attention to a concern or issue of our times, but to provide concrete examples of what we can do to effect positive change. 

I follow some writers who are great about posting the things that are going wrong in our world, that we're all going to hell in a hot minute because there are so many sinners, that social injustice and racial inequality is rampant in our communities, and that "insert label/stereotype here" have no clue about the real facts.

Sometimes writers provide facts and evidence. Sometimes personal opinions and experiences guide their comments. Sometimes, someone who comments validates their less than inspiring expressions using religious sources. (I have purposefully abstained from citing specific religions/types of comments.)

I also follow some writers who inspire change, provide concrete examples and anecdotal references related to specific concerns, and best of all...these writers give workable, realistic strategies for us to consider.

A favorite quote of mine:

"There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life."
~ Sister Mary Rose McGeady, Children's Advocate

World of Writer Mom's Ten Commandments
 for Effecting Positive Change

To effect positive changes requires a commitment
 to some key concepts.

1. Facts/Valid links for research

2. Examples of situations/How it makes us feel (Anecdotal references) Avoid name calling, labeling, and stereotypes.

3. Statement of specific concern/problem 

4. Identify possible solutions/strategies

5. Identify goals and measurable outcomes

6. Participate in plan of action

7. Follow up with progress and results.

8. Ensure supports and resources for continuation of plan.

9. Understand short term versus long term goals of change.

10. Encourage on going process and evaluation even when it feels slow.

These are the things that require a strong, patient, and consistent leader. Something to think about.

How do you want to be seen?  heard?  represented?
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Personal Awareness Tips
What kind of changes do you hope to lead this year?

What kind of changes do you hope to support this year?

What kind of tone and attitude do you plan to promote?

How will you choose to respond to those who engage in name calling, divisive behaviors, and actions without solutions?

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Personal Plan
My plan for today was to write this post.

My plan for tomorrow: Write a post that will give a specific example of one way to address a current topic of concern.

Here's the next article posted which has been updated from its original January 2018 post.

Hoping you will join me and let me know your thoughts too.
Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

 Kindest Wishes,
Mary (Mom of Three plus several "Bonus" children)

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend
 filled with adventures and

plenty of resources to tackle your goals!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

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  1. This is amazing. The personal awareness tips are amazing. It is great to have a little reflection about our lives from time to time :D

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I appreciate that you took time to read and reflect. Wishing you a beautiful day!

  2. Lovely post. I do love when bloggers share the things that concern them, giving facts and information and ways to help. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you for reading and commenting on this post.

  3. I really like the questions you posted under the Personal Awareness tips. Those are some great questions to ponder!

  4. Great post! I think that often us bloggers try to effect positive changes but we forget the key concepts you list which makes us look misguided and a bit silly. I love the personal awareness tips!


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