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Ultimate Christmas Wish List for Teens & Young Adults 2018 ~ Part III in a Series

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Awesome Gift Ideas for Teens & Young Adults

by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom.org

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom.org

It can be challenging to figure out what to get for teens at Christmas time.  Here are a few ideas that I ran by my 13 year old and 16 year old. Hopefully you know enough about your teen's interests that this list will inspire you.  If you still need some additional ideas, just message me on my face book page https://www.facebook.com/writermomadvocate/ and I am more than happy to help you with a specialized search!


Weighted blankets help with focus, relaxation, and reduction 
of anxiety. The proprioceptive input (deep pressure touch 
stimulation) it provides has been known to raise seratonin
 levels and create a sense of calm.  

High School student worried about upcoming SATs and 
college applications? College student anxious about exams? 
 Study time may be enhanced and anxiety reduced with the 
use of a weighted blanket.  

All ages can benefit from the weighted blanket, which can be custom designed by weight, texture, and design to suit your individual needs. How about a family blanket? Your evenings can become calmer when the weighted blanket becomes a part of your bed time routine. Imagine enjoying a relaxing bath, comfy jammies, and a favorite book as you snuggle with a cozy weighted blanket.

Some of the applications for use of the weighted blanket include but are not limited to:

Sleep difficulties (insomnia)
Sensory challenges
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
Anxiety, Stress, Tension
Medical treatments and symptoms
Sensory Integration/Processing Disorders
Alzheimers/Parkinson's Symptom relief

Gift Certificates are available too!

The deep pressure touch stimulation, or swaddling, happens when you snuggle with a Mosaic Weighted Blanket.  
It can help you or your loved one feel calmer, more focused, and less anxious by allowing for complete relaxation. 
There is NO SUBSTITUTE for a Mosaic Weighted Blanket
THIS one is worth the investment! 
Order by December 7th to receive your blanket
 in time for Christmas!

Mosaic 728x90

Quirky Christmas Things to Wear
Ugliest Christmas Sweater Award Ribbon
Award for Ugly Christmas Sweater

Disclaimer:  If you are easily offended or don't appreciate the humor most often linked to teens, quickly scroll past this section.  Fun.com is filled with tons of irreverent gift ideas.  Some you need to sort through on your own. 
Here are a few that pass the test for teens.  

Adult Narwhal Ugly Christmas Sweater update
Narwahl Ugly Christmas Sweater

Adult Tenderheart Bear Care Bears Ugly Christmas Sweater
Tenderheart Bear Care Bear Ugly Christmas Sweater
Snowman Balls Christmas Sweater
Snowman Balls Ugly Christmas Sweater

Bob's Burgers Charm Bomb Knit Adult Sweater
Bob's Burgers Charm Bomb Ugly Christmas Sweater

DC Comics Vintage Print Women's One-Button Blazer10
DC Comics Vintage Print Women's Blazer

Doctor Who Dalek Subtle Slim Fit Suit Jacket
Doctor Who Dalek Subtle Slim Fit Suit Jacket

"Timely" College Themed Gifts

Michigan State University Watches

Check out the site for complete listing of available colleges

Christmas is the perfect time to share family traditions. For many families that might include giving a timeless gift that can be passed down for generations. The College Watch Company specializes in college themed time pieces. Add a special engraved message on the back for your one of a kind gift.  Group rates available.  See on line site for details.

Personal Care Products

Gym Hair, Don't Care Headband
Bright Starburst Headband
I Can and I Will Headband
Meet Me at the Barre Watercolor Headband
Camouflage Camo Headband
Wide Orange Quatrefoil Headband

So many more styles available!  Check out their site at:

Natural ingredients


Knot Genie

Personal Fitness/Stress Management


Workout from the comfort of your home, dorm room, or office. Progress is measured via equipment available through FIGHT CAMP.

Prosourcefit.com logos

strength and toning equipment

yoga gear

foam rollers

Grammarly Logo

Grammarly Writing Support

Grammarly Writing Support Join Grammarly's Affiliate Program

The #1 Writing Tool


Unicorn Dreams, PopSockets

Golden Silence

Siam Red Crystal
Siam Red Crystal
Original Popgrip
Red multi-colored SWAROVSKI® Crystals
Decorative Throw Pillow

You will find so much more at Boho Luxe Home!  Explore wall paper selections, unique accessories, fabrics, and fine art.  Purchase one piece to accent your current decor or explore a complete room makeover with the inspirations you find here.  
Exquisite gift giving options are available.

Special Chocolate Treats by

Holiday  - (VOSGES)<sup>RED</sup>
Holiday  - Holiday Cracker

AXUM Wireless EarBuds 

Best Workout Earbuds
$10 OFF Coupon + You enjoy 35% commission (that's $70 of our average $200 cart)



Kinda Weird but Fun Gifts

Fun & Unique Gifts

Brontosaurus Lamp

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for taking time to read 
this blog.  You are appreciated!


Wishing all of you a week of adventures,
solutions to your challenges,
answers to your prayers,
& resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!

Kindest Wishes,

~ Mary

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  1. I want a weighted blanket in the worst way!

    1. Hi Krysten Quiles! Me too! This year I will get at least one. I have kiddos with sensory issues, and my youngest has difficulties with sleep that have disrupted his school schedule. The MOSAIC weighted blankets cost a bit more than the ones you can now purchase in stores, but the quality is outstanding and worth the investment. I hope to use it too. My sleep schedule has really been awful lately due to stress. If you do decide to get one let me know so I can check current codes for special discounts. Thanks so much for commenting here. Happy Weekend!

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