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MEMORIES are for Sharing ~ Starting A Family Tradition is Easy

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~  A Christmas Time Activity ~ 
Holiday Remembrance Time
Written by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Sometimes I like to activate those memory files that haven't been reviewed for quite some time.  
There is a simple and quick activity that instantly transports me back to a specific time, place, or event.

I might even recall people who have had an impact on my life, inspired me,
 or provided me with insights that ultimately helped me make  decisions. 

Some of the memories might be painful or leave me feeling a 
bit introspective, but overall the experience associated with this activity 
 is one that brings a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my heart.  

SAVE your change
MAKE a Change
BE the Change
You want to see for this special season.

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

1.  Pick at least one time each week when you can dig out 
whatever coins you find in your purse, backpack, couch
 cushions, or car cup holder.  Look at the dates.

 2. Whenever you receive change back at the store, take a 
moment to look at it or at least hold on to it until you get back
 to the car.  Check out the dates.

3. If you go to the laundry mat with rolls of quarters, look at 
the dates before you place them into the machine.

  4.  Same idea as #3 when you put coins into 
snack or drink machine.

5. Check out coins before you hand them over to your 
children for school snacks or projects.
6. If you see a coin (even if it is a penny) lying on the ground,
 pick it up.  Look at the date.

7. Start a coin bank at home to collect all your loose change 
that you receive back at the store or find.  You'll be surprised how this adds up. 
When you get ready to go to "Coin Star" to cash in your coins, take a moment to look
 through a few of the dates on the coins and take a memory trip.

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Here's a perfect way to visually document your precious memories!
Your special offer for reading this post:

Now...What to do with all those coins?

1. Look at the dates.

2. Think about details from the year on each coin.

3. What were you doing that year?

 4. Where were you?

5. How old were you?

6. What music did you listen to?

7. Who did you hang out with or meet?

8. Did any life changing event happen? 

Marriage? Birth of a Child? Graduation?

9. What was happening in the lives of people you care about?

10.Favorite moments?


I'd love to hear your ideas regarding Memory Makers
and Story Telling Strategies.

Wishing all of you a week of adventures
solutions to your challenges,
answers to your prayers,
& resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!

Kindest Wishes,
~ Mary

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

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