Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Welcome to Wednesday 2020

By: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

Today's Goals:

W - Writing helps me process the emotions and events
 that have an impact on my day. 
I encourage you to try this too.

E - Encouraging my children to do their best 
and see the best in others is an ongoing act of love.

D - Developing new ideas and concepts for my
writing and advocacy blog gives me purpose 
and inspires me to continue.

N - Noticing the talents and skills of the people 
with whom I come into contact 
increases my ability to effectively collaborate.

E - Everyone has something to offer. 
Take the time to consider their insights.

S - Sharing resources opens up new possibilities
 and enhances the experiences we encounter each day.

D - Doing something about the issues and concerns of our time 
is important, worthwhile, and necessary. 
Speak up, have a voice, and find ways
to express yourself in a variety of ways.

A - Arguing is not necessarily the best form of expression 
when attempting to convey a message.
 Sometimes people simply need to vent.
 Listen first then figure out how to 
respectfully and calmly state your case.

Y - YOU are the only one who can figure out what inspires
 and motivates you toward success.
 Gravitate toward the people and things 
that will help you feel accomplished and successful.

Recommendations for the day:
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Wishing all of you a week of adventures, 
solutions to your challenges, 
and answers to your prayers.

Kindest Wishes,

Copyright 2020 WorldofWriterMom

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