Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday's Moments for Writer Moms

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 Monday's Moments for Writer Moms
by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez
Mondays can be a notorious challenge for many of us. It's the start of our work week. The kids go back to school or have on-line classes. We get ready for another week of meal prep and the grocery shopping this requires. There are loads of wash to be done as we make sure everyone is ready for their activities. Mondays are just hard. I could attempt to soften this reality by proclaiming fairies and unicorns really do exist and all of us have plenty of inspiration to get through our week. But that would be less than helpful, right? Sometimes it's okay to rant just a little. Here's your chance. 

You hereby have permission to give me five reasons to lose your sheets and pillowcases. (Yes, that is a euphemism for the curse words you really want to explode into the universe.) Here's mine to get you started:

1.    Dust. It's everywhere. It makes us sneeze. I hate dusting. That's all.

2.    The price of gasoline. It's gone way up. Ridiculously up. I just filled my tank. It left me with a bit of an empty feeling - in my wallet.

3.    Laundry - Why does it take so long to do it and so little time for the hamper to fill up again?

4.    The lottery - Somebody has to win it eventually, right? Could it be me this time? Sigh. I already know what I'd do with it. Good stuff. Really good stuff!
5.    Traffic - So many reasons we need to be careful and look out for each other and so many individuals who feel that driving in traffic is a sport where they want to be the winners. (Even if that means they must be inconsiderate a-holes in the process.)
So how's your Monday? I usually love to post inspirational crap too, but heck...there are plenty of other groups and blogs that do just that for you.  And it's okay to have days where you just don't want to marinate in all that positivity. It's for you that I wrote this. Because a healthy balance of inspiration and a good rant is in order once in a while.
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Wishing all of you many adventures,
solutions to your challenges,
answers to your prayers,
& resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!
(And...a good dose of ranting to release the stress once in a while)
Kindest Wishes,
~ Mary

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