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Shopping is not my favorite activity. I'm sure if I had more than a few dollars to toss around, it could be a helluva lot more fun. At the moment, I refuse to go into debt for any holiday.  My lack of credit cards makes my "credit history" non existent.  Shocking, isn't it?  Paying "cash only" for just our basic needs makes it damned near impossible to get a loan for a home, car, or tuition.  That's the way our world operates.  I started blogging with the intent of turning it into a small business; one where I could produce a little side income for my family. Anyone who tells you this is easy money is wrong.  It involves hours of planning, researching, writing, editing, and posting to social media.  Most of what I've learned has been by trial and error and a lot of swearing.  I am thankful for the support and insights from other bloggers who share what has worked for them. 

The biggest challenge has been making sure my human children have what they need to thrive while simultaneously raising my literary babies.  I have three different manuscripts in varying stages of development that beg for my attention too.  It can all get so overwhelming.  Quitting is not an option.  So here I am starting another site since my affiliate marketing endeavor has reached a point where it needs its own home.  My plan is to reduce the visual advertisements on my main site and focus on other topics near and dear to my heart.  Shopping will primarily take place here to give readers the option of visiting, looking for gifts, and purchasing on this site.  I will still include links within my articles for but it will not include as many gift giving related pictures. Your purchases here during the school year will allow me to receive a small commission, and I will donate 100% to my child's school.  

Please consider a visit to this site throughout the next few weeks, purchase a few stocking stuffers for family, friends, and colleagues, and share this blog.  I am so happy to announce that there are over 100 companies who have accepted me as their marketing affiliate.  I selected the companies that were interesting to me, checked out their promotions, and applied for the opportunity to promote their products.  I appreciate your time and hope to help you through your gift giving opportunities this year. If there is something unique you are looking to buy that special someone, let me know so I can find the right gift for you.  From goofy gag gifts to sentimental jewelry, we're going to find the right fit for you.



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