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The following is a list of projects I have personally written and/or designed 
for professional purposes, including marketing and community outreach activities.

Child Development Workshops/Information Booklets/Folders provided for the following:

  •     Developmental Milestones and Activities for ages Birth-3yrs
  •     Musical Strategies to Facilitate Transitions 
  •     Fitness Activities for children and their teachers
  •     Circle Time Strategies and Activities
  •     Documentation and Reporting of Developmental Milestones
  •     Communication Skills/Establishing Rapport with Families
  •     Documentation of Infant/Toddler Daily Schedules/Activities
  •     Motor Skills Development/How to Encourage Movement
  •     Early Language Development/Story Time Strategies
  •     Infant Room Management
  •     Toddler Room Management
  •     Sensory Integration Concerns for Infants/Toddlers
  •     Intake procedures for enrollment in Infant/Toddler Childcare
  •     Employment Interview Strategies/Questionnaires
  •     Early Childhood Intervention Referral Development
  •     Inclusion in natural environments/adaptations  

Marketing and Referral Development

  •   Flyers for Special Events
  •   Promotions for health/fitness/wellness programs
  •   Letter of Appreciation to Supporters/Referral Sources
  •   Holiday Letters of Thanks/Recognition
  •   Thank You Letters from Grant Recipients to Providers
  •   Anecdotal Reports of Funding Results 
  •   Program Excerpts added to Requests for Proposals
  •   Media articles:
            *Guest Columnist for Galveston Daily News,Texas  
            *University of Texas Medical Branch Referral Booklet    
  • Community Outreach Activities: Health Fairs, University & Community College Events, High School Career Development
  • Activity Plans for Early Childhood Development Programs
  • Activity Plans for Memory Enhancement Strategies
  • Letters for Advocacy Related Concerns
  • Individual Education Plans/Independent Living Skills (Goals, Strategies, Resources, Measurable Outcomes)                            
  • Individualized Fitness Plans (Prior Global Wellness/AFAA Certified Aerobics/Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer.)   
  • Custom designed poetry and prose to commemorate special    occasions,employee recognition, and sponsor participation        
  • Annual Strategic Plan (Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Threats) for Marketing & Referral Development Activities        
  • Annual Program Reports/Summaries    

  • Materials for Health/Fitness/Wellness, Home and Health Care,  Brain Injury Program, Front Office Management, and Early Childhood Intervention 




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I have over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Development Birth-Age 5 including work in classrooms and as an Infant/Toddler Program Manager.  I have several writing projects in progress including a resource book for parents of infants and infant room teachers in a full day child development (school) program.  The book will provide families with information about what to expect and how to monitor their child's progress in an Infant room.  My second book project involves how to cope with family challenges, lessons in forgiveness, dealing with a spouse's addiction, and reinventing yourself along the way.  I am excited about all of these projects and am currently accepting comments regarding experiences my readers have had placing their child into a full day child care program.  I would also like to hear from Infant room teachers.