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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Taking Care of Yourself Series - Part I


Water - The benefits of soaking in peace

By: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

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We are often sucked into a never-ending vortex of busyness that leaves little to no time for rest and healing.  We push through pain.  We ignore symptoms.  We disregard the schedule that begs for us to make that appointment to figure out where things went sideways.  We put our personal need for rest and recovery on hold, often waiting like someone hoping for human contact when we make a phone call to resolve a customer service concern.  The consequences of neglecting our personal wellness includes decreased physical, mental, and emotional health. Take a moment to stop and consider how this is impacting your quality of life.

No matter how long you try to reject the increasing symptoms, you inevitably have a reckoning day.  Perhaps your body rebels to the point you end up with a debilitating illness.  Maybe you require a trip to the emergency room to treat "sudden" onset of fever and pain.  Your body will be required to confront its lack of self care. Humans are not created to endure on-going, chronic conditions, without some type of consequences.  Your need to work past the point of pain to meet financial and family responsibilities will catch up with you. Guess what?  You are now facing the collateral damage of habitually "working through" the cues your body has been screaming.  Take a deep breath.  It's time to reconcile the pain and develop a plan to heal.

Strategies for overcoming pain and exhaustion:

1. Dedicate a time to schedule those appointments you have been avoiding.  It needs to happen!  Invest the time and resources necessary to become healthier and create a plan of care with your medical provider.  

2. Find out what resources are offered by your employer and work with Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programs, and your supervisor to ensure you have a team on your side.  A healthy employee who is supported will be worth a company's investment.  A supported employee is one who will be a loyal team member who can assist others going through hard times too.  Any employer unwilling to see this benefit creates unhealthy situations, and will result in staff retention challenges. 

3. Document your journey toward a healthier self.  Work with your medical team to ensure follow up and compliance with the plan of care.  Press your "reset" button and visualize a healthier self.

4.  Think about ways to enhance your living situation and environment.  Identify what makes your body feel healthy.  How can you incorporate Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) into your wellness plan?  

5.  List ways your can "reward" your body for completion of wellness goals.  For example:  Where do you feel at peace?  What does peace look like for you?  Write down some strategies that will support this reward.

Real life application of strategies:

One of my favorite strategies includes water.  My "peaceful environment" includes visualizing the ocean, a beach cottage, and my favorite items to include in the beach cottage.  To simulate this at home, I consider how to create my own oasis.  Special lighting, a scented candle, soft textured towels, aromatherapy, moisturizing lotion, and a bathtub for soaking are perfect ways to provide self-care.  Soaking in peace gives your body time to regulate, relax, and heal.  (Disclaimer: Make sure your check with your medical provider regarding any contraindications that would prevent you from using this technique.)

Invest in yourself and encourage your family to do the same.  Our children learn the most through our example.  Teach them how to be compassionate toward others, but also teach them to be compassionate toward themselves.  Let's remove the guilt that often results in ignoring the symptoms of burn-out, physical pain, and emotional neglect.  

Wishing you good health, happiness, balance, and peace.

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