Monday, June 24, 2019

LIfe of A Vacuum - and other clean up tales

 A drama about cleaning your child's room
Written by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

 Calvin & Hobbes

I truly feel bad for what we have put our vacuum cleaner through lately.  My children are not of the ordinary, simple, garden variety species.  They create, play, and make messes like nobody's business. I don't know where to begin when I enter their rooms.  Yes, I do expect them to help, but sometimes the room begs for my version of "Mom approved clean."  You know what I'm talking about!

 They look so sweet and incapable of the exploits I share.
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Kids version of cleaning up is as follows:

Copyright 2019 World of Writer Mom
Basic surface level only clean up. (The superficial, fake clean.)
 Anything fits into a garbage bag.  No sorting required.  
No need to throw away wrappers, empty containers, or papers.  

It's perfectly acceptable to throw away dirty socks, underwear, & items that have become ripped when you don't want mom to find out. (Even though she already knows when you complain there are no underwear or socks in your room.)
 Mixing of items in a bag is okay.  In fact, mixing wrappers with clothing is ideal.  No time to decide what goes where anyways!
 Small items not easily seen (but able to inflict pain upon impact) are to be left on the carpet.  It's more fun to watch the vacuum wheeze, smoke, and grind to a halt.
 Dirty dishes, glasses with toxic sludge, and dinner plates that won't be missed (according to a child's point of view) might end up in the throw away bag if you can get it out the door quickly. 
 It is assumed that Mom will forgive the nails (toe, finger, and picture hangers), push pins, tacks, screws, and miscellaneous home improvement tools on the floor if she is able to safely extricate them from her feet, hands, and fingers. 
 (Mom chuckles maniacally at the idea of "home improvement" items entering a child's room unaccompanied by a responsible adult.)  Yet, that is exactly where these items magically navigate by none other than "Not Me"  and "I Don't Know."
 Tools find their way to the room, probably out of loyalty to the push pins, nails, and screws in the carpet.
Spare change has an amazing ability to end up in corners, under furniture, and even inside clothes baskets.  

I have a nice jar started toward my future retirement.

 Mom's Version of Clean-Up is as follows:

Copyright 2019 World of Writer Mom

 Enter room to assess the damages. This involves looking 
in  the closet too! 

Take your anti-anxiety medication to reduce the heart palpitations and quell that dizzy, nauseated feeling.

 Affix large garbage bag to the door knob. (Throw out 90% of what you find.)

 Begin piles for clothing in the hall or living room, which ever is the nearest place to toss darks/lights/whites/towels, etc...

 Start sorting!  Be prepared for the stench of ass and frustration.
It's best to let your mind wander to your happy place as you scrape gum off the base boards, pull sticky candy from the carpet, and carefully remove nails, push pins, screws, and pennies (Oh, soooo many pennies!) from the floor.

 Assign each item a new "home."  

 Put aside any items that require a "follow up" conversation with your child/children.  (You'll know what I mean when you find it.  No other explanations necessary.)

Leave the clean clothes in a pile for your children to fold and put away.  They at least need to do this!  (Once you have conversations regarding #8, it's unlikely you'll get too much resistance.)

Children old enough to wash their own clothing should do so.  If you're like our family, have the kids carry the laundry to the car and load it for a trip to the laundry mat.  

Have them help with all other aspects of this family adventure once you get there.

Hope these lovely lists help.  
Hope you at least laughed and found comfort 
 in the fact you are not alone.

I'm sure most parents struggle with the clean room dilemma. 
Hope your week is going well and your troubles are limited
 to whether or not your vacuum will survive.

Wishing all of you a week of adventures,
solutions to your challenges, peace,
and answers to your prayers.
Happy Summer!

Copyright 2019 World of Writer Mom

Kindest Wishes,

Monday, May 6, 2019

Moments for a Monday ~ 2019 (Post #6)

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Moments for a Monday
by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

Copyright 2019 World of Writer Mom

"Our life is always under construction.
Sometimes it's subtle, and other times it's messy and inconvenient as hell.
Thankfully these messes are usually temporary.
Be gentle with yourself during those moments
 when it feels like the obstacles are never ending. You've got this!"

It has been quite a while since I posted an article here. Most of my social media interactions have been diverted to developing a new group that I am excited to share! The creation of this new group started as closed, but due to circumstances that I'll share later this week, I was "encouraged" to open it up and make it public.  Since then, our group has grown and continues to flourish. Check us out!

My Moments for Monday are short this time. I am working on making things simpler, though this is often a struggle for someone who is hell bent on managing chaos. I've become so accustomed to on the spot problem solving that it feels weird when things are going well. That's effed up. So here goes my attempt at "simplifying" my thoughts for today. (No promised for tomorrow, though. I'm a work in progress.)


It would be incredibly awesome to get a good NIGHT'S sleep once in a while.  Our bed is a temporary inflatable mattress that lasts for 6 months if we are lucky. While saving up for the ultimate mattress is a huge goal, I have to admit it is interesting that we could literally pack up our apartment in one vehicle if necessary. There's something liberating about not having "stuff" even though we would like to furnish and decorate our apartment one day.  I'd rather wait until we can afford it instead of putting crap on credit. I am especially interested in finding out the Ten Things That Are Better in Bed that I keep hearing about.


I actually read one entire book...and it only took me 6 weeks this time. I often long for those days when I became instantly infused into a book within seconds of opening up to the first page. Now, it takes forever to focus and get into the plot.  Maybe it's connected to that good night's sleep thing too. Who knows?  I can't wait to find that next great opportunity to read!  Here's a couple of adventure packed books that you'll love! (They did not take me 6 weeks! I picked them up and read them until the end.) Can't wait for more of Katherine's books to come out. She's an amazing author! The secret is out! Get a hold of these before summer and toss them into your travel bags!


It's that time of the year when schools will let out for Summer and vacation plans will be made. Whether you stay at home or travel away from your home base, there will be opportunities to keep the kids busy and allow them to entertain themselves too. I am still trying to figure out those details and feel like time is running out...the same feeling that often arises before end of the year celebrations like Christmas.  Find out how you can plan your dream destination this Summer! Whatever you plan, make sure THIS is part of your travel gear.  From picnics to sporting events to concerts and movies beneath the stars, this huge blanket will be a big, comfortable place marker for your family and friends.  Just in time for your SUMMER of Fun and ADVENTURE! FIRST AID KITS available here.

That's all! My list of THREE instead of TEN for this week's
Moments for a Monday.

Wishing all of you a week of adventures,
solutions to your challenges,
answers to your prayers,
& resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!

Kindest Wishes,

~ Mary

Copyright 2019 World of Writer Mom

Thursday, March 14, 2019


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My List of Ten Things I Miss
 Written by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

Last year at this time our family was coping with the loss of our father shortly after he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. It was devastating, overwhelming, and emotionally numbing at times.  The past couple of weeks have crept up on me like a child who creeps up to your bed at night, peers over the edge of the bed, and whispers, "Mommy!" The jolt of those moments is real and instant and makes you feel bad when you shout back in shock. For me, it seems like my emotional connection to my father's death was suspended; waiting in a corner of my mind as if in a temporary, long-term time out.  The past two weeks have nudged those emotions back to the center of the room and away from the corner.  It has been a bitch! And I have tried to embrace it.

Rose Gold Tone Medical ID Jewelry

These emotions of grief and abandonment have shaken me by the shoulders and screamed at me that it's okay to cry.  And so I have cried at damned near everything.  My chest has been heavy with sadness while my neck and shoulders have ached; all this pain from failed attempts to quell the weepy emotional mess of memories that continues to surface. I want to call my siblings and talk to them about what each of us experienced individually and when we were assembled together. Yet I cannot make myself pick up the phone and make those calls.  I don't know what to say or how to effectively share my experiences when I am worried how it will appear to them.

It is hard to explain how precious those moments were to me. The moments we had together as a family meant so much and yet, I feel like my contributions were not nearly enough.  I always wish I could have done more, been more, and understood better.  It is hard to let go of those flashbacks in my memories through each of those last days with my father. Now I wonder how each of my siblings is dealing with their own recollection of the events.  I want to know. I really do. But maybe we're not all ready.  One year has gone by so fast, and many moments feel like they are suspended in time, waiting for us to deal with them.

Dealing with grief is hard, painful, and soul searing at times.  Each of us has our own starting point, and we often take many different paths toward resolution of our loss.  Today, I am offering ten things I miss about what happened last year as we gathered together one more time as a family to say good-bye and comfort one another. This is what I have to offer at the moment, and I hope my siblings will see it and know how much I love and care for them.