Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Moon is Made of Cheese

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Encouraging Advocacy
By: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

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When my daughter was around 2 years old, she approached me one day with a wide-eyed expression and whispered, "Mommy, the cow jumped over the moon!"  If we had been reading a book of nursery rhymes I would have expected something like this.  But it was random, out of the blue, unexpected. Instead of wondering, "What the heck?" I bent down, looked into her eyes, and whispered back with wide-eyed wonder, "And the moon is made of cheese!"

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That moment was magical.  She looked back at me and smiled.  It was like our own language cue from that moment forward.  Sometimes as we were driving to pick up her dad from work, we would listen to her favorite tunes. (She seemed to love Queen Latifah's rendition of Spell on You) We often saw the moon in varying stages against the night sky during those trips to pick up dad.  Sometimes one of us would look at each other and say, "The cow jumped over the moon."  That would cue the other to respond in a mysterious spy code, "and the moon is made of cheese."  My daughter loved to draw out the "ee" sound in cheese. "Cheeeeeese."  The fun part of this was that we could take turns initiating this activity.  Even now that she is a teenager, we love to reminisce about those moments.


This week I am missing those simple moments.  They are reminders of how quickly time is passing.  Now we are dealing with so many issues that are more complex than a cow jumping over a moon in her nursery rhymes.  She is learning to become an advocate for herself and others.  She is realizing that those in power and authority are not always the ones who communicate well with others.  She is recognizing that it is important to set your personal boundaries and stand up for what you believe in the face of patriarchy; one that continues to minimize valid concerns surrounding safety and reduction of risk factors within a school system.  It is exhausting and exasperating!

I am nostalgic for those "the moon is made of cheese" moments.  Today especially, I am spending a few minutes reflecting on how much I have tried to help my child make a difference.  Because right now, I am struggling to hold my tongue and be civil when my child needs me to stay calm.  A school would do well to consider that an actively involved and concerned parent is always...and I mean ALWAYS...a better ally, resource, and supporter than a writer mom who has been dismissed, reprimanded, and basically advised to piss off under the guise of a "let us run the program" comment via email. 

Self Advocacy and Communication

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"Never underestimate the depth of understanding and insight in a teenager
when given the opportunity to be an advocate for the greater good.
Show them the respect and maturity you look for in their actions.
Lead by example, and demonstrate the concern for their well being that is
necessary for them to perform as a member of a team."
~ World of Writer Mom.org

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Violent Strategies to Decrease Violence? How's that Working for Us?

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World of Writer Mom.org is part of an affiliate program. This means that if you make a purchase through the links I promote on this site or on its related social media platforms, I may earn a small commission from that action to support World of Writer Mom.org

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Our Children Deserve Better
by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez
(Originally published February 2018) 
Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Dear individuals, conspiracy theorists, and those who have a difficult time seeing the world beyond their own back yards...


NOBODY is saying you cannot have your guns.

NOBODY is telling you they want to take away your right to bear arms.

NOBODY is indicating we intend to become a country where our citizens are unable to protect themselves. 

What our children are now telling us is:

1. We are tired of being afraid to go to school.

2. We want to have a voice in how our lives are affected by mass shootings.

3. We need to have some realistic and tangible strategies in place that will educate, protect, and allow us to defend ourselves.

4. We want to ensure that protective measures are in place to delay, hinder, and/or prevent people from purchasing the type of weapons that have been used in mass shootings.

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Additionally...How about requiring non-violent crisis prevention intervention (CPI) classes for all of our students, teachers, and administrative staff ?

How about encouraging community based non-violent crisis prevention intervention (CPI) techniques so we can all learn how to de-escalate a situation ?


How about having a more effective method for reporting concerns, addressing threats, and establishing realistic protocols ?

Parents, Teachers, and ALL who are care for children...

Start your own awareness campaign!


Talk to your children.

Discuss a plan for worst case scenarios.

These talks need to happen on a regular basis as school
 and at home.

If you don't know how to have these discussions, seek the advice 
of professionals.

Learn how to be proactive and aware of your surroundings.

Learn about methods to protect yourselves in additional to gun use.

Thinking that increased access to guns is the solution to the problem with mass shootings is naive and gives a 

false sense of security.

Don't try to put a band-aid on a compound fracture.

Look beyond your personal experiences.

Start thinking about how the experiences of other people affect their interactions with you and with those you love.

And above all...

SUPPORT those who have been traumatized. 

SUPPORT those who want to make change for the 
improved lives of our children. 

DON'T compare this problem to another problem and call it the same. Each situation demands our attention in a focused and deliberate manner. 

Sarcastic memes, cartoons, and jabs at other groups tend to create a dissonance that only serves to divide versus unite us with a concrete set of solutions.

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You have a choice to make. 

Are you going to be part of the team that creates change and offers specific strategies, or are you going to be a part of the team that gossips and stirs up the burnt crumbs at the bottom of the stew pot?

You can be a conspiracy theorist all day long. But ultimately, how you respond to an emergency and how we work together to create pathways for change is going to be the difference between our self actualization or destruction.

I invite you to share your resources, experiences, and strategies here at World of Writer Mom.

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend filled 
with challenges, adventures, &
plenty of resources to tackle your goals!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary

Reminder for February

 Did you know?

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
More information available at  https://vetoviolence.cdc.gov/