Friday, June 22, 2018

Books, Books, Baby!


 The following post was originally written 4 years ago for Summer 2014 Campaign.  It's worth repeating. 


I am excited to include information about Usborne Books & More, courtesy of Samantha Boyd
Teacher and Usborne Books & More Consultant! 

Hope you enjoy your Summer of Reading!

(Sometimes I took my baby to work with me and kept her entertained with lots of books while she had tummy time. 
 This is my baby now reading to a family friend.)

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Happy Baby! Happy Summer!
 Happy Reading!

By: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

Samantha Boyd, Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant

I am so happy to know that several of my facebook friends have recently given birth to new babies to cuddle, love, nurture, and share family traditions. Some are experienced teachers and others come from families where books were a part of their lives.  But even if you were not exposed to literature as a child, you have a perfect opportunity to introduce this wonderful tradition to your babies! 

Books encourage a love for words.  Literature facilitates how we learn new concepts, increases vocabulary, and  exposes us to differing viewpoints.  As a child, reading allowed me to fantasize about travel, relationships, and my future adventures.  I learned about different cultures and value systems outside of my circle of knowledge.  Books helped me grow and explore.

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Samantha recently attended an 
Usborne Books & More Conference! 
Ask her about the amazing opportunities available for
 Usborne Consultants including TRAVEL and other fabulous ADVENTURES!

I have fond memories of story times. My parents took turns reading an assortment of Golden Books, Classical Treasures, and an assortment of short stories and poems from the Children's World Book Encyclopedias.  Summer Times were glorious opportunities to check out a tower of books from the library.  I looked forward to my dad's weekly library visits with me and my five siblings.

I devoured all genres and pushed myself to see how many pages I could turn over each day before I had no choice but to close my eyes from exhaustion.  Summer Times were my personal challenge and I could easily deplete my selections for the week in record time.  I took my books in the car, to the park, and while I sat outside basking in the warmth of the Virginia Beach sun.

Books hold a special place in my heart, so naturally I decided to include my favorite activity in an effort to share this love.  I signed on to be a Partner for "Read Aloud 15 Minutes" because I believe this campaign has value. 

I remember taking my daughter to work with me when she was four months old and I had some office work to accomplish.  I placed a blanket on the floor near my desk and placed her on her tummy with books fanned out around her.  She loved looking at the books as she practiced lifting her head.  Her smiles and coos indicated that she was captivated by the illustrations.  That was her introduction to books in addition to her nightly story time.  My Administrative Assistant walked in and remarked, "Gee, you're starting early with her."

Try out a few hard back books from Usborne Books & More to get you started with your baby's "tummy time" on a blanket.  When baby gets fussy, try turning the pages or rearranging the books.  You can add a few soft toys for reaching too.  When you notice baby getting tired or looking away, then it's time to pack up until next time.

Summer Time is a great time to add books to your baby bag, backpack, or picnic basket.  Books are pretty portable.  Take a couple to baby's doctor's appointments, church, grocery store, or car ride.  Don't be surprise if baby falls asleep with her/his favorite book while seated in baby bouncy chair or car seat.  It can be relaxing!


Check out Samantha Boyd's VIP page!

"Welcome to Smitten with Reading, my VIP page for Usborne Books & More! Be sure to interact on the page for prizes, literacy tips, and new book information! Check out the Birthday Club album under photos. Find the month of your child's birthday & comment with the date and his/her name. You'll get a special deal during his/her birthday month!" ~ Samantha Boyd
Order here at any time:

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A Note from World of Writer Mom

Samantha is an amazing advocate for reading and one of the best resources for finding just the right book for your child!  I purchased Usborne Books & More workbooks for my son this year that we used for home schooling.  There are so many selections for all ages!  Samantha hosts fabulous book parties and her enthusiasm is incredibly contagious.  She is the perfect consultant to partner with if you are interested in becoming an Usborne Books & More team member.  With so many exciting adventures planned for the coming year, you won't want to miss being a part of this adventure.   Contact her today to arrange a Summer of 2018 Book Party!

 Wishing all of you a week of adventures, solutions to your challenges, answers to your prayers, and

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Thoughts 2018

This is Our Summer of 2018

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Search for quiet, peace, serenity

        Understand that little, inexpensive moments matter

  Memories from spontaneous trips for ice cream

     Melt in the sun, sunshine on your face

  Embrace adventures in travel

Reminisce about your favorite summer activities

Enjoy the BEST sleep ever starting this Summer!

 Special Note
Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

If you or someone you know plans to purchase a mattress, please recommend purchase through Dream Cloud on this site. I am donating 100% of my commission to my child's high school for their tuition scholarship program.  Thank You! 

Wishing all of you a week of adventures, solutions to your challenges, answers to your prayers and
"Fireflies in a Baby Food Jar"
Summer Memories!

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Kindest Wishes,


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fireflies in a Baby Food Jar

and other summer time memories...

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Summer time as a child felt like the release of a long breath after diving into the deep end of a pool. It was inhaling deeply upon coming back to the surface and looking up to the sun. There was this feeling of being released from winter's wrath, school days, and the pressures of homework when you'd rather play.  Summer time was magic, and felt like it would never end.  Sometimes I have a need to remember those moments, and  realize my children deserve these stress free times too. 
 Here are some of the things I loved as a child...

1. The sound of morning, unhurried, as you slowly awaken and 
realize there is no hurry to get to school.

2. Dressing in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals instead of the school 
uniform blue plaid jumper over a crisp, white, peter pan collar 
blouse.  That red criss-cross tie...enough said.

3.  Filling the red Kool-Aid canteen (ordered by mail) with water 
and riding all over the neighborhood on a banana seat bike with the 
weird handlebars. 

4. Swim lessons at the local school where you challenged yourself 
to see how far you could swim to earn your certificate.  

5. Going to the park where you could play forever on the swings
 and slides while your dad played basketball with whomever was 
on the court at the time. 

6.  Collecting aluminum cans so they could  be recycled for a little
 extra spending money.  One summer, we filled garbage bags with 
beer cans collected from the local park after ball games.  The entire 
garage smelled like stale beer, but my parents still let us do it.  It
 was a great day when we loaded up those bags and took them to 
the recycling center.

 7. Walking to the 7-11 for slurpees (icee drinks) with my siblings.
 That money from those recycled beer cans had to be spent!

8.  Weekly trips to the library where we loaded up on books. There
 was never a shortage of adventures and imagination thanks to 
reading all summer!

9.  Late nights (at least to us) where we played outside until the 
street lights came on. Collecting lightening bugs in baby food jars 
helped us learn about science, nature, and that lightening bugs 
really do need to be freed before going to bed. (They are not, in 
fact, a night light. But as a kid, you wish you could take them to 
your room and watch them until you fall asleep.)

10.  Falling asleep to the sound of crickets and a fan whirring 
near an open window (because we didn't have air conditioning) 
after a bath and clean jammies
 That feeling of contentment was 
priceless.  Only we didn't realize it at the time.

Life isn't perfect. There are moments when you wonder how your family ever got through things as a child. 
 Then as an adult you have those same concerns about making it through those tough times.  
That is when it helps to remember the pleasant, peaceful, childhood memories.
 (Like summer time, carefree, fireflies in a baby jar kind of moments.)

Wishing all of you a week of adventures, solutions to your challenges, answers to your prayers and
"Fireflies in a Baby Food Jar"
Summer Memories!

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Kindest Wishes,

Today's Recommendation:

Chocolate and Champagne
(for a more grown up Summer Memory)


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ten Gift Ideas for Babies Arriving in 2018

and more for their amazing mamas!

Some ideas for BABY Gifts, etc...

My personal baby days are in the past, yet I can't help being enamored by the collections and selections of baby gear now available to parents.  I worked in infant and toddler care for years even before having my own children, and love it when I find things to recommend for family and friends. (My kids think I'm nuts for how much I still love to look at baby stuff. 
It's just me! No apologies.

 I would love to hear you ideas too! we go. 

Baby Aspen


Create a Safe & Comfortable Sleep Nest for Baby
 Newton BabyThe safest crib mattress for your baby.


Luxurious, Comfortable Sleep for Parents
(New parents: This is about QUALITY Sleep. Not Quantity) 

I have to say this...Dream Cloud, I love your idyllic pic. These are the treasured moments, indeed! 

Trust me. You want this mattress. Heavenly!

Dress Baby's Crib for Safety & Style


Baby's First Clothing Selections


Travel in Style with Baby and Organize Your Gear

 The Baby Cubby Petunia Pickle Bottom
Car SeatsBaby Jogger

Covered GoodsPortable Beds/Playards


Entertainment for Summer Travel & Beyond

Build your library with Bookroo


Nutritional Options for Baby

The Gerber StoreThe Gerber Store

Goat Milk for Babies
Click picture to read more about KABRITA for tummy troubles.

💗 Just for Mamas 💗
Photography Mama 
 Plenty of photo ops for baby and family!
Be ready for anything with this bag!

Wandrd Travel + Camera Pack 

💗 Just for Mamas 💗
 Gifts for MOM at POSH Mommy

POSH Mommy Personalized Jewelry

💗 Just for Mamas 💗

Offer to create a photo album keepsake for the new addition. Include family members, their inspirations, and how they felt.  Document this special moment as part of the family's history.  Need a jump start?  May I recommend...

Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled with fun

adventures, plenty of resources to tackle your goals,
 and the energy necessary to parent through summer!

Kindest Regards,
~ Mary

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