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Sugar Plums & Fairy Dust ~ Creative Swear Words

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I tell my husband that I never swore until we had been dating for a while.  It's my way of trying to transfer the blame to him.  I don't remember being much of a salty mouthed person growing up.  I might have had a few inappropriate words float through my head on occasion out of frustration, but knew better than to let them fly out of my mouth.  That was my period of presenting the fake me; the me who had to edit herself for fear of what someone might think if I shared my real emotions. (She still shows up more frequently than I'd like.) Those bottled up emotions had nowhere to go, and created quite a few physical ailments.  I finally decided to see a therapist in my early twenties.  Turned out that moving to another state for a career opportunity, intent on solidifying a long-term on again, off again relationship I had been in since college turned out to be a perfect recipe for an emotional disaster. 

 One Of A Kind Throw Pillows

I recall one session where I sat in front of my therapist with a sad emptiness.  I knew there was no sign of emotion on my face; just a blank stare as I recited my "positive" outlook and all the ways I wanted to make things seem okay.  I had allowed myself to be unhappy in a long term relationship and didn't quite think enough of myself to end it.  I viewed a break up as a sign of failure.  Besides, how would I explain that to my family?  At one point in our session, the therapist looked at me and said something that still haunts me and makes me think.  "You're just sitting there acting like everything is okay.  I just want to reach over and shake you!  Why don't you feel like you deserve anything better?" That was the beginning of some long, deep, soul searching as I struggled to ask myself why I couldn't let out the real me.  Why did I still feel a need to be perfect, smooth out the wrinkles in a warn out relationship that was on life support way longer than necessary, and be afraid to move forward?  Why? 

So by the time I ended that relationship and met my husband, I had a lot of baggage to deal with.  So did he.  Only I didn't realize it at the time.  As with any relationship, you gradually unpack the baggage, and begin to figure out it's place in your life, if you can tolerate the process of unpacking it, and what you can work together to eliminate if it wasn't in the best interest of the union.  It's been a bitch of a time.  Even after almost 20 years, the haunting memory of the day my therapist asked, "Why don't you feel like you deserve better?" still pops up in my brain, like those pop up advertisements you wish would go away so you can read the damned articles in peace. (If you ever see anything pop up on my site, let me know.  I did not design this page for pop ups.)

The process of finding my voice and letting out those pent up emotions has resulted in me being a bit more free with my "creative language."  I discovered that certain sounds elicit specific emotions that are just not duplicated by "proper" linguistics.  Sometimes dropping an "F" bomb adds clarity, reduces stress, and eliminates the need to pull my eyelashes out or dig my fingernails into my hand to control the burning sensation that develops in my chest (a.k.a anxiety) when somebody cuts me off in traffic.  The satisfaction of hearing and feeling the /ck/ sound at the end of a word is immediate.  There is a connotation of defined power.

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"As children we're taught that cursing, even when we're in pain, is inappropriate,
betrays a limited vocabulary or is somehow low class 
in that ambiguous way many cultural lessons suggest.
  But profanity serves a physiological, emotional and social purpose 
- and it's effective only because it's inappropriate."  ~ Kristin Wong

There are studies that have shown the benefits of swearing. From emotional release to interpersonal communications that serve as a bonding agent, releasing a few swear words into the atmosphere can be cathartic.  The frustrations I have experienced since meeting my husband have definitely earned a few suitcases (baggage) full of swear words.  He has used them in conversations, and I simply got tired of not having sufficient vernacular to toss back. My "oh, fudge" go-to that I picked up from my dad just wasn't working it's magic when engaged in a discussion.  So thanks to my very challenging, "I learned English from watching Martin on television" husband, I began to expand my use of traditional swear words.  An "F" bomb here, a Gordon Ramsey-esque version of "piss off" there, and some other colorful expression picked up from the Cardi B songs my teen listens to on the way to school to "pump her up" for the day. 

Copyright 2018 World of Writer

"A study co-authored by Richard Stephens, a senior lecturer in psychology at Keele University,
 found that swearing can increase your ability to withstand pain.  
So when you stub your toe and howl and expletive, 
it might help you tolerate the pain better."

So I do think it's okay to let loose on occasion and release the stress, tension, and pain in your life with a few swear words.  Of course, now that I have children, I want to provide alternatives that are just as creative and therapeutic.  There is the added benefit of being more, ahem, "socially acceptable" under certain circumstances; like places where you might risk offending people with your personal rendition of Gordon Ramsey's unique blend of humor and spicy swear words.  So here are a few "swears" my kids and I have created/borrowed to share our anger, pain, frustration, and exasperation with the many events that transpire in our lives.

Copyright 2018 World of Writer

World of Writer Mom Original Swears:

Optional: Begin each of these with an, "Oh!"

*Sugar Plums & Fairy Dust
(Personal favorite)

Fudge Nuts and Cherries

Tomatoes and Salad Dressing

Cranberry Sauce

Apple Cobbler Puddin' and Pie

(Lots of food related references)

  Diddly Wompers or
Dinkus Wompers

Well knock my sand castle down 
and throw me in the ocean

Any made up silly words (alliteration is fun) 
or humorous nonsense phrases

Say any celebrity's name using inflection,
attitude, and tone of voice to convey a message

(Inspired by my middle school crew.  
Shout outs to Nathan, Sebastien, and Josh)

"Aargh! Lindsey Lohan and Lollipops!"

"Oh my Fetty Wap."

"Kanye West and Kitty Cat Crayons"

Borrowed or Heard from Somewhere

God Bless America
(My kids think this is hilarious for some reason.
I think America needs a lot of blessing.)

Blessed Mother give me patience!

Literary Swears
(Quotes taken from your favorite novels can 
be turned into your own personal stress word.)

Share A Swear Contest

I'm sure there are more, and I'll add them as the ideas come to me.  I've asked family and friends for their input, so we'll look forward to seeing what they share.  Inviting you to give your recommendations too!  What words do you say that provide immediate relief from pain and stress, and what creative words have you shouted in a moment of frustration? See comments section after this article to add your ideas.  Come up with something unique that makes me laugh so hard my abs hurt and I'll pick three that I love enough to send you a gift card from one of my affiliates.  You can add it to the comments section below or share to my facebook account. I will make my selections on 10/30/2018.

Wishing all of you a week of adventures, 
solutions to your challenges, 
answers to your prayers, 
resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Kindest Wishes,


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Contest has CLOSED

Offer is valid only in the U.S.A.
Comments are due by end of day 10/30/2018
"Swears" need to be unique and suitable for use 
by children and adults
(a.k.a something I can print for this article)
Winners announced on 10/31/2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Moon is Made of Cheese

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Encouraging Advocacy

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

When my daughter was around 2 years old, she approached me one day with a wide-eyed expression and whispered, "Mommy, the cow jumped over the moon!"  If we had been reading a book of nursery rhymes I would have expected something like this.  But it was random, out of the blue, unexpected.  But instead of wondering, "What the heck?" I bent down, looked into her eyes, and whispered back with wide-eyed wonder, "And the moon is made of cheese!"

That moment was magical.  She looked back at me and smiled.  It was like our own language cue from that moment forward.  Sometimes as we were driving to pick up her dad from work, we would listen to her favorite tunes. (She seemed to love Queen Latifah's rendition of Spell on You) We often saw the moon in varying stages against the night sky during those trips to pick up dad.  Sometimes one of us would look at each other and say, "The cow jumped over the moon."  That would cue the other to respond in a mysterious spy code, "and the moon is made of cheese."  My daughter loved to draw out the "ee" sound in cheese. "Cheeeeeese."  The fun part of this was that we could take turns initiating this activity.  Even now that she is a teenager, we love to reminisce about those moments.

This week I am missing those simple moments.  They are reminders of how quickly time is passing.  Now we are dealing with so many issues that are more complex than a cow jumping over a moon in her nursery rhymes.  She is learning to become an advocate for herself and others.  She is realizing that those in power and authority are not always the ones who communicate well with others.  She is recognizing that it is important to set your personal boundaries and stand up for what you believe in the face of a patriarchy; one that continues to minimize valid concerns surrounding safety and reduction of risk factors within a school system.   It is exhausting and exasperating!

One Of A Kind Throw Pillows

I am nostalgic for those "the moon is made of cheese" moments.  Today especially, I am spending a few minutes reflecting on how much I have tried to make a difference in so many ways.  Because right now, I am struggling to hold my tongue and be civil when my child needs me to stay calm.  A school would do well to consider that an actively involved and concerned parent is always...and I mean ALWAYS...a better ally, resource, and supporter than a writer mom who has been dismissed, reprimanded, and basically advised to piss off under the guise of a "let us run the program" comment via email. 

I will continue to encourage my teen to speak up for herself and her team mates, communicate her concerns to those in the "chain of command", and document the responses she receives.  I pray that the promised changes occur in a timely manner. I will expect that the serious issues brought to the attention of those in positions of trust will be resolved.  #TheMoonisMadeofCheese #SelfAdvocacy

Special Request

I would greatly appreciate your comments, insights, stories of advocacy, and strategies that you've discovered in helping our children become strong advocates for themselves and others.  You are invited to comment below.

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

"Never underestimate the depth of understanding and insight in a teenager
when given the opportunity to be an advocate for the greater good.
Show them the respect and maturity you look for in their actions.
Lead by example, and demonstrate the concern for their well being that is
necessary for them to perform as a member of a team."
~ World of Writer

Monday, September 24, 2018

Friggin' Mondays! (Previously titled Moments for Monday)

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Mondays. How can one day create so much hope and possibility while simultaneously conjuring up the most enormous demons of doom?  The weekend flies by, and I still have a list of tasks that continues to grow each day.  The illusion that the bulk of these things can be accomplished by Friday afternoon before I pick up the kids continues to emerge every Sunday evening, in spite of evidence to the contrary.  A life time of "failures" at the end of my week has not succeeded in dulling that feeling that this, THIS,  is the week everything magically falls into place. There will be no signs of drama or missed fortunes, and the weather will provide the right amount of sunshine and fresh air to make me feel as if I can take a deep breath for a change.  


Friggin' Mondays!

I tell my children that my expectations cannot possibly be that outrageous if I tackle them one at a time. They nod sympathetically then glance at each other. They've heard this before. Never mind that there are random occurrences of unplanned tasks that inevitably get tacked onto the existing list for the week.  Yet like a skilled surgeon who has just one more patient to fit in for an emergency, I squeeze in another thing to do until my body is physically done.  It is why I sit at my computer at 1:20 AM and write as if I can release the anxious feeling before sunrise.  Writing is my therapy and my nemesis all in one. 


Friggin' Mondays!

There are a few things I know will push me in the direction of positive outcomes.  These are the skills I continue to work on even when I want to throw my hands up in the air, scream at the source of my frustration, and "tap out" when it comes to dealing with challenging situations and individuals who are also, like myself, looking for ways to communicate.  


Friggin' Mondays!

Here are the things I repeat to myself several times a day as needed. 
 (Along with a few well know prayers I memorized as a child plus the "free style" prayers of the heart.)

We are each on this planet for a finite number of minutes.

Each person has a unique perspective based on:

Life Experiences
Personal Insights
Our Childhood
Moments in our time line of growth 
Where we are in our personal development
What we choose to learn from our experiences
How we decide to apply the lessons we receive
Our personal expectations of
Ourselves and Others
Our vision, mission, and life plan
Plus so many more variables...countless possibilities

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

We have an obligation to reach out
Attempt to communicate
Share our back story and listen to others
Be open to feedback in an effort to
Resolve concerns in a kind, loving manner
Raise awareness of other view points
Advocate for change in an effort to move forward
Make a difference by what we say and how we say it
Inspire the change we hope to see

It is through inspiration that we can 
validate and motivate others.


One Of A Kind Throw Pillows


So what are the TEN things that push me in the direction positive outcomes?  Here we go...

1.  I want to lead by example. What will my children learn from me if I don't make an effort to keep going in a positive manner?

2. I truly believe that for most challenges, problems, and inconvenient events, we can turn it around and learn from them.  Does that mean our lessons are easy and pain free? No. But we do have a choice in how we can approach them, heal from them, and become an advocate for others so they can also heal.

3. Self Awareness is a beach.  It is not a pleasant experience to realize there are things about our personality that need to be dealt with and changed; especially if they interfere with our personal interactions. That doesn't mean we have to agree with everything, accept the abuse of others, or take blame for things that are beyond our control.  It does mean we need to recognize when our egos get in the way and we don't want to back down from an argument, even when we realize we screwed up.  Self Awareness means that sometimes you're going to need to apologize or press the reset button when things have gone side ways in a relationship. Difficult? Yes. Attainable? Yes.

4. We are all here on this planet to learn from each other, our experiences, and our decisions.  No two journeys are the same.  Remembering this is so important when attempting to respect and understand someone else's view points.  Instead of trying to make them see your way is the best, make the effort to hear their perspective if they are willing to share.  Active listening is a big deal! It involves recognizing the other person's need to be heard. You may not be able to validate every idea, concept, or decision.  You can let them know you care and hope they will receive the grace and guidance necessary to make their decisions.

5. Sometimes things will not get done during the week because you need to prioritize. Unexpected circumstances can occur, and being flexible can be a key component when it comes to managing stress. 

6. I am not great at asking for or accepting help. I'm learning.  Knowing this about my personality allows me the opportunity to be helped even when it feels uncomfortable. I know how much I like feeling needed and valued for my contributions.  I want others to experience what I do every time I am able to offer assistance.  It's a great feeling!

7.  My favorite activity each day is finding ways to say, "Thank You" and "You are appreciated."  Sometimes just going to the drive through for a $1 iced tea is enough to push me forward. I love it when someone encourages me to have a nice day, smiles at me, and hands me my tea with a positive attitude. I then tell them, "Thanks. I appreciate you!" It's a simple gesture that goes a long way with me.  When you're a busy mom trying to get everyone where they need to be, make it to appointments on time, and work on writing the next (just great enough) novel....that smile and kind voice in the drive through can be the glue that helps you hold your shazazzle together.  Best $1 spent ever!

8. I have slowly started to get back to reading. I used to devour books in no time. Since becoming a parent, my reading time has significantly gone down. I read to my children, but books of personal interest outside of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants genre became absent from my repertoire.  I missed it, but I didn't.  Seemed like I was so busy with the minutiae of parenting that I scarcely thought to sit my behind down for a second to even think about books.  So I now keep a book for myself in the car and several for the kids in those pockets behind my seat.  When I am waiting in the car rider line for kids to emerge, the book is right there for me to sneak in a few pages.  I am happy to report that I have almost completed one book since school started.  Sigh. I know, I know.  Doesn't seem like much, but to me it's a success.  Carving out time for myself is a process and one that helps push me toward positive outcomes.  

9. I am making time to go to Physical Therapy sessions to alleviate the pain from a recent car accident. Even though it is hard to make myself get there, I am doing it in an effort to heal.  Having a professional validate that my pain is not all in my head is a huge deal.  I tend to have a high tolerance for pain (and BS...but that's another story.)  So giving myself permission to take care of myself is huge!  Validating someone's concerns, challenges, and experiences has an amazing affect.  It provides pathways toward positive outcomes.  I want to be that person for others who are also experiencing difficult life moments, because I understand what it has meant to me.

10. Finding, creating, and sharing resources leads to improved outcomes.  Feeling like you have to manage everything by yourself is not only impractical, but one of the reasons we end up stressed and exhausted.  Accepting the value of other resources and collaborations can release some of the burdens that weigh us down. Give yourself permission to ask for help. Keep telling yourself it is okay if something is not 100% perfect according to your idea of perfect.  Perfect is not going to solve all your problems, relieve all your worries, or grant all your wishes like a genie in a bottle.  


Wishing all of you a week of adventures, 
solutions to your challenges, 
answers to your prayers, 
resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Kindest Wishes,



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Friday, September 21, 2018

Freakin' Weird and "What the Heck?" Things I Think About When I Should be Going to Sleep at Night

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The Real Problem with My Need to Sleep
by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez


I think of all the ways I WISH I could effect positive change.

What can I say or do that will encourage those
 with whom I come into contact every day 
or even occasionally?
  I just want to make a difference. 
 Do I sometimes over think this?
But how Omaze-ing it would it be if all of us
 took a second to think of one thing we could do 
to change something for the better? 
"Advocacy begins with ONE!"


Travel through time and space

What if our dreams are really
opportunities for us to leave the planet
while we sleep?
What if there are parallel worlds
that reveal themselves to us
only in our sleep?
Why do I keep dreaming about 
places I've never seen before?
Perhaps I just need 
a more comfortable place to sleep
and not get up all night to write
my ideas down in ten thousand journals.

   This is my dream house/writer's retreat. Maybe one day... 


Tomorrow I will organize and label

my files, all those loose pieces of paper,
the many notes I keep taking;
some on napkins, receipts, and even
band-aid wrappers
I want to spend the entire day
cleaning out my desk
color coding my lists of projects
Prioritizing what I want to write next.
If only I could fall asleep now...
maybe I wouldn't be so tired tomorrow.
Everyone needs a soft place to
lay their head and sleep peacefully.

Crafted in the USA


The oven is a disaster. 

Pizza cheese and lasagna noodles
overflowed and sauced up the insides.
This weekend I need to remember 
to purchase the oven cleaner.
And this time I won't
try to take apart the oven door
like the last time, when I had a 
hard time putting the dang thing
back on the hinges.
It. was. HEAVY!
Oh, and those burner inserts?
Yeah...those can be replaced.
No amount of cleaning/soaking/scrubbing
is ever going to return those disks
to their former shiny selves.
Not worth the stress no matter 
how much someone wants to convince me
that I can "save money" by cleaning them.

These headbands are super awesome!

No clean up session is going to 
make these bands slip!


I marvel at the times my children
decide to get along and cooperate
instead of arguing and annoying each other.
It's usually when I need them
to fall asleep.
Why is midnight the perfect time
to laugh and tell stories?
Oh, and isn't it the best time of day
to discuss Halloween?
(It's next month! Can you believe it?)
Maybe they take after their mother
who writes best at night
and thinks of the weirdest things
when I should be going to sleep too.

Halloween Gifts


I wonder about other families from
around the globe.
What are they feeling, thinking, and worrying about?
I know they must lay awake at night
concerned about the same things
I worry about.
Health, safety, food, clothing, shelter
The quality of education and availability 
of there enough to go around?
This leads me back to ONE.
I just want to make a difference.
"Advocacy begins with ONE."


There are a million creative things 
I'd love to do....but time and finances...
I never considered myself much of
an artist.
Not like my mother.
She exemplifies creativity.
drawing, painting, home design,
baking, cake decorating, embroidery,
macrame, reupholstering furniture, sewing,
candle-making, candy creations, gardening,
canning of all sorts, cooking,
homemade salsa and pickles...
The list is endless.
How could I ever compete?
I am simply in awe of her
 endless array of creative skills.
I am happy with my random doodles
and my somewhat curious penchant
 for drawing light houses that teeter
on gray, shaded boulders.
There are moments when I begin to see
a glimmer of her in myself.
Perhaps it's not so much the lack
of time and finances as
the realization I am still trying 
to live up to my self-imposed expectations
of motherhood.


I spend a considerable amount of time 

wondering about my "Flintstone" feet.
That's what my kids call them.
My left foot was injured a while back.
A LONG while back.
It never healed properly, and it is ugly.
Sometimes my knees ache
and I need to add a brace for support.
I used to teach aerobics of all styles,
lifted weights in the gym,
and loved being a trainer.
While I know I'll never be at that level again,
I still think about how I can return
to a more realistic workout routine
and maybe even rehabilitate the left foot.


I am already having the nightmares
before Christmas!
Sometimes these nightmares start
during the summer.
In my nightmare, I am unprepared
the day before Christmas.
I have nothing planned.
There are no gifts under the tree.
I have no stocking stuffers.
I haven't shopped for groceries.
Each year I hope to start early
so I can relax and enjoy family time.
(Refer back to SEVEN.)
I know we can't compare ourselves to
our parents...but it's inevitable.
I always...and I mean always...
wonder how I'm going to manage
to make Christmas as incredible
as the ones my mother pulls off.
Yet, each year...I "fake" my way through it.
(At least that's what I used to tell myself.)
I am working toward developing a
more kind, loving, and spirit filled attitude
toward my harshest critic...myself.
I just want a few fun pictures to put into a book.

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom


One of the biggest things I think about

when I should be going to sleep at night...
How am I going to get up in the morning?
No matter how much I may have accomplished
during the day and even into the night...
The endless list of concerns has a hard time
turning itself off.
There's always...
One more idea to write down.
One more problem to process and solve.
One more worry to settle.
One more activity to plan.
and One more page to turn
in this journey we travel together.

Nest BeddingΓ‚® Shop now!

Wishing all of you a weekend of adventures, 
solutions to your challenges, 
answers to your prayers, 
resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!

Copyright 2018 World of Writer Mom

Kindest Wishes,



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