Thursday, February 14, 2019


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Written by: M.B.Varville-Rodriguez

Comfy Shoes and the ability to Move Around

It's important to have mobility so you can change scenery, direction, and position. A writer thrives when given the opportunity to look at the world in a new light. Allow your feet to experience support and comfort with these Tiosenbon Knitted Sneakers and sneak away from home for a few moments.  Invite those thoughts to process while you go for a walk or travel in comfort.  Use the links in this article or just click on the pics to purchase your own!

A cup of hot tea

Have something beautiful available as you make your hot tea. Enjoy a soothing beverage while you write and spill the tea. I have loved the sensation of brewing herbal tea and sipping this heart warming, soul softening liquid since childhood.  I loved it when my mother would bring out her beautiful ceramic teapot, steep a few bags of chamomile and Lipton's black tea, and pour a mug of this brew with some sugar and (if we had a tummy ache) a teaspoon of Christian Brother's Brandy. Always made me and my siblings feel better.  There's something incredibly comforting in the ritual of sipping (and spilling) tea.  Here's a treasure for you to begin your own traditions.

A Cool Logo

So admittedly, I am still searching for additions to this design. In the interim, I am having fun as I try out different logos; I'm allowing myself time to be creative.  It's a process.  Here's a reasonably priced company that often offers discounts and is willing to work with you to develop a concept for you website.  

Pain Management for Periods

Parenting and writing are challenging enough without the added stress of painful periods every month. (Sometimes more than once a month.) I recently discovered this strategy and definitely wished it had been availble earlier in my feminine journey. It's always best practices to have this conversation with a trusted health care professional.  Having multiple pain relief options that minimize the risk of side effects can be a relief, especially when you have a busy schedule and deadlines to accommodate.  LIVIA can help you live the lifestyle you desire.

A safe, ergonomic way to carry baby
(without killing your back!)

Sometimes my best ideas show up while I am "momming."  Sometimes my best "momming" happens when I am looking for a way out of my writer's block. Getting out of the house and out of my head works well for everyone!  Here is an ergonomically designed infant carrier that will give you the freedom to work outside of home on your next writing assignments (the brain storming part) while enjoying time with your little one.  Take a walk, go to the store and people watch (great place to get ideas for your characters), or hold baby while you type out a few lines at home on your computer.  The MiaMily carrier has what you need! You'll fall in love with all the options while you and your baby experience adventures near and far. 

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the MiaMily HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier 
as a "hip-healthy" product when used as directed. 
Forward facing seated position is only safe starting at 6 months old.

If you prefer a wrap, this company (Boba,Inc.) has additional options for your consideration!  Check out the fabulous colors and designs created for your unique style! Select your favorite and share your selection in the comments section. 

Simplify your photo designs and graphics

Photolemur 3 puts the creative control back into your hands with this program.  Let Photolemur do the hard work so you can focus on making your site content shine.  Photolemur 3 is a smart choice for the busy writer mom.

Take care of yourself too. Make time to exercise!

Be active! Sometimes it's hard to schedule in a workout when you're busy caring for baby, planning and writing your next article, and managing all the responsibilities that go along with these tasks.  I always say I'm raising my human babies along with my literary babies.  Is it possible to balance those responsibilities? Yes. Is it easy? No. No it isn't.  But you can make sure you have access to th resources necessary for your success.  Here's another strategy for taking your brain -storming sessions on the road.  You and your baby will love spending time together as you travel in style with Summer Infant strollers.  

Create a kick ass office space

Having a dedicated home office where you can work on your projects will set the stage for a successful home business.  Keeping track of supplies (for you and for your children's projects) creates a focused space where chaos is minimized and productivity is maximized.  Find your peace and create a writer's world that highlights your bad ass mom skills too. This chair is advertised for "gamers" but who says it has to be for video games?  You decide how to get your game on. Write and create in comfort and style with this beauty! 

Chair by: CROV Focus Tech

Keep your design materials and project files organized!
Baskets by:Winnoby LLC

Surround yourself with beautiful textiles in a variety of colors and textures.  
Select fabrics that make your heart happy, then feel your spirit soar in your creative pursuits.

Sleep! Tired Writer Moms need SLEEP!
Writers and Moms have a lot in common. We tend to stay up way too late and many of us are missing out in the "good sleep" department. Writer Moms have even greater challenges when it comes to acquiring the best sleep possible. We often try to get our writing done when the kids finally get to bed, and get so caught up in our characters that we forget to go to sleep.  Instead of allowing ourselves to get sucked into the wormhole of parenting and writing, how about making sleep so comfortable and enticing that we schedule it into our routine?  And stick to it!  Here's a couple of options that will have you looking forward to settling in at night and setting some much needed boundaries.

Step one: Get a WEIGHTED Blanket!
It has an amazing, calming effect on the body.
Don't miss out on this SALE!

Step two:
Mattresses don't last forever! 

Work with baby next to you! 
So many beautiful fabric options.
Comfy and portable for infant/toddler care!

Stay well hydrated

Have this flavorful water delivered to your door. 
It's that easy!
 A well hydrated writer mom is important for everyone!

Wishing all of you a week of adventures,
solutions to your challenges,
answers to your prayers,
& resources to help you survive
all of your collaborative projects!

Kindest Wishes,

~ Mary